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Mine are the same;

Uncharted 2

4th would be Heavy Rain
5th probably MGS4
6th LBP (LBP always gets overlooked! It has some of the best textures and physics of any game still.)

Just think, we still have comming, which will topple the past games with eye candy KZ3, The Last Guardian, Agent, GT5, FF13 Verses, Infamous 2, R3 and maybe a LBP2, Uncharted 3 and another GOW game.

Gonna be real interesting to see how good KZ3, Uncharted 3 and the next GOW will all look compared to the past incarnations. Ferk yeh!

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Personally i think the 360 could handle all the games just fine, no i dont think fine is 10fps. Also i dont understand people saying heavy rain, it cant possibly take that much power considering what it is.



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Here I'll spell it out for you worst case scenario even.

PS3 uber game runs @ 720P

Xbox 360 runs said game @ 25% lower resolution which proportionally frees up 25% of the shader performance, which is ~70Gflops worth.

Xbox 360 can run said uber game, but just at a lower resolution.

Thus your 50Gflops deficit are accounted for and the Xbox 360 can run said game.

Dude, you just proved my point. I wasn't trying to say that the 360 can't play those games, but rather it can't play those games at the same level of scale. You would have to water down the super-uber game for it to work on the 360. 

Nope. I said worst case scenario, the reality is infact somewhere between the two. Until multiplatform games show any advantage, let alone a decisive advantage for the PS3 in terms of frame-rates/visual effects the verdict remains that they are about the same computationally. Besides this every game is watered down to some extent, even exclusives relative to what my PC is capable of so im not sure why some marginal difference needs to be over-exagerated.

It's still a pretty good difference between the two. Anyway, I keep hearing the same argument over and over again from whatever website or forum I visit. That its the multiplats that make the difference. In my opinion, I don't really think that multiplatform games could really show the public a decisive difference/advantage for any console. I would have to compare the exclusives. That's just my opinion. I don't really think the PS3 can take whatever software you give to it and transform it to some uber game. That's just not possible without taking that software and optimizing it specifically for that console. 

What did you say last gen when the annoying Xbox fanatics bragged about the amazing graphics of the Xbox and system quality compared to the PS2?

I get what you're saying but I doubt PS2 fans were concerned with it's quality of games last gen. Highly doubt it.

Exactly. This gen it seems to be graphics over true gaming substance for the Sony fanclub much like it was for the Xbox fanclub last gen. For me it never changed...great games are great games no matter which system. Last gen everytime a multiplat game came out on the PS2 and the Xbox the Xbox fanboys claimed the Xbox title was either visibly head and shoulders above or it was watered down. I wish Sony and Microsoft both would just create visibly computers and get it over with so both sides could just shut up. I wont really blame techies for jumping ship to the PS3 because they follow which ever system is more powerful (I notice tech fanatics have an issue with system power), but I really do blame Sony fanatics for not staying strong with what made Sony so great. They sound exactly like the guys they argued against.


Quality has never been an issue for Sony. They have good companies making games for them. Almost every exclusive they have visually compliments their hardware. The 360 on the other hand is just getting into exclusive console pleasing software after Forza 3.


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Squilliam said:


1. Every program that the PS3 can run the Xbox 360 can run, the only question is how fast. They are both sharing similar instruction sets and they are both Turing complete.

2. The relative performance between the Xbox 360 and PS3 is similar.

3. A lower resolution proportionately lowers pixel shader load as well as enables the Xbox 360s GPU to operate more efficiently by avoiding the use of tiling. This frees up any inherrant or imagined performance differences from becoming a factor.

4. All the games stated, Killzone 2, MGS4, Uncharted 2 are linear and both consoles have 512MB of ram so the effective maximum number of assets seen at the same time are identical and the use of multiple DVDs is practical. They also use lossless compression of audio which is indistinguishable for most people compared to more lossy compression and this is a large space saving.

5. When considering online much of the load is infact taken up by the servers. Live has a lot of very big servers so this isn't a problem.

6. Final Fantasy XIII + other multiplatform games perform well on the Xbox 360 and PS3 respectively.




Good, you've contributed mostly opinion. Now, as I asked STAGE, are you going to contribute to the topic or continue to derail it?

FFS Mr 'its only your opinion'. Cut the BS man. I have stated nothing which is not backed up by facts so either apologise, prove me wrong or stop derailing the topic. Because you do not understand what I mean, this doesn't make me wrong. It just means that you need to educate yourself about computing.




Except for the fact that the Xbox only has the power PC part of the cell running, and the SPU actually has a different instruction set, proprietary to the SPUs. And some of the algorithms for splitting up work across the SPUs are going to have to be redone


But whatever.


GoW 3
UC 2
KZ 2
... and MAG

and we are only halfway there (lifecycle), people are still saying that PS3 has nothing on the PC. Yet when my PC only gaming friends come over they keep drooling over any of these above stated games. First 30 minutes of GoW 3 made two of them buy PS3, the rest is saving cash.

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3 opinions other than the graphical obvious (KZ2, GOW3,U2):

DC Universe (M$ is allergy to MMO)
Folklore (Using Six-axis motion sensing to pull out the demons is so satisfying)
Little Big Planet (M$ is also allergy to user-generated content)

Hmmm, mine's so far are:

- Demon's Souls (It perfects the balance between Action-RPG, difficulty and open world interaction. No game this generation has given me such an immersive feeling)

- Uncharted 2 (Although far from my favourite type of game, it had so many eye candy moments it would be unfair not to list it)

- Killzone 2 (The AI of the game is a clear homage to the best AI ever of a video game, Half Life. To come that close on a console and deliver an amazing package around it, it's trully something to behold. There's nothing unfair about the deaths in KZ2, especially if you let yourself be flanked by some very clever AI strategies).

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little big planet

sure there is no way of telling if Xbox 360 is not able to do those games.. but there is no way of telling if it can either..

I think that we will never see something like KZ2, GOW3 or Heavy Rain on another console this gen.

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Enriching gameplay MGS4
superb effects Uncharted 2

Lastly the king of lags KZ2