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Forums - Gaming Discussion - The Grinder is now a top down shooter

wait they did not say the Wii version will be like that. there is still hope that the Wii one will still be the game we saw before

it was cool as it was and it would be a huge mistake to go that way!!!

    R.I.P Mr Iwata :'(

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If the Wii version stays a FPS and the other versions don't and flop hard I wonder if they'll blame the HD userbase like some devs have with their laughable efforts on the Wii because after this move it would be quite amusing.

This just has to be a Wii FPS and HD download title.

That would make sense as an attempt by High Voltage to start a franchise. Anything else wouldn't make any sense at all.

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Serves me right for challenging his sales predictions!

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wow, i hope the wii version is still FPS but probably not, wow HVS dissapointed me a lot with this.

Games4Fun said:
Arius Dion said:
Wait a second. Top down shooter? Like what? Forgive my casual gaming self, but wtf is a top down shooter?

Like smash tv or guantlet

Thanks. and LOL! Good luck with that one HVS.

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The game looked really great as a FPS,not that a top down shooter won´t be fun, but all the hype and appeal they expected to create for the game went down the toilet.

i guess we´ll have to wait and see some gameplay videos...and also, what happened to animales de la muerte?

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That completely does not jibe at all with the big trailer they released a few months back.

It's like their creative lead is rolling dice to decide what direction to take the game, or something.

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hopefully the Wii version will stay a fps....if it goes top down i prob wont get it

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If it's a top down shooter, I'm assuming it's to be an XBL Arcade game. If not, it won't sell anything significant priced at $60. If it's a retail game priced under $60, it just became a budget game, which often, but not always indicates possible shovelware.

Or it could just be an acknowledgment that HVS games like The Grinder can't compete in the Red Ocean of FPS games available on the Xbox and would be exposed as just another "me too" mediocre effort on the platform.

If HVS keeps the game as an FPS for the Wii to give the perception that The Grinder is a "premium" experience on the Wii, I fail to see how this is any sort of selling angle.

What the fuck is going on with this game? I am about ready to give up on it completely. They really should have never announced this thing in the first place.

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