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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Switch succesor unvealed Opening Night Nintendo Museum

A lot of speculation is going around when the Switch successor will be unveiled. I have a theory about that.

Nintendo announced the new Nintendo Museum to finish construction March 24 2024 at the last September Direct. Obviously such an occasion warrants an Opening Event. When exactly this Opening Event happens is unclear. It might be March, it might roll into April. But I believe this is the perfect opportunity for the reveal of the Switch successor.

For this Opening Event, obviously Nintendo will invite local and international media. Nintendo will invite industry partners and who knows perhaps the Japanese Prime Minister will show up. the event is live streamed during a special Direct.

During the opening Nintendo will present an overview of Nintendo systems throughout the years among other things. From early arcades, Famicom, Game & Watch all the way up until the Switch. But what is that? the Switch is not the last system in line. At the end is a Question Block!

It is now that Furukawa and Myamoto enter the stage. They announce that even though the Nintendo Museum is about celebrating the past, here is a look at the future! They unbox the Question Block and there it is, the New gen Nintendo Console!

We then get a 2-3 minute overview trailer about the new device, with a glimpse of new titles. After the trailer, Nintendo tells us to look forward at a future event where they go into more detail at a later date.

It practically writes itself. What do you think, will the reveal happen at the Nintendo Museum?

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Yeeeeh but nope, ain't happening there.

Their gaming venture, at least the unveiling of the existence of new hardware will be done during their fiscal projections for next year and shareholders QA.

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That would be cool, but Nintendo generally tends to keep things separate like that ... ie: there would be a certain logic for example that during a Super Mario Movie Direct it would be the perfect time to announce a new Mario game! But obviously Nintendo made us wait a few more months for that.

I think the title should be adjusted to clarify this is just speculation.

As for the idea, it's neat. It's a cute idea. Does it really help much more than a traditional direct? I dunno.

If they're going to do a live presentation, which I would really enjoy, then they would probably want to do it in a larger venue. The whole point would be to capture audience excitement, and I don't think a museum is really the proper place. Unless they have like, a theater in the museum.

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I'm curious to hear from Nintendo what is going on with the S2. It feels like if the rumored 2024 release is true, it should be announced soon.


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Now I know which museam to add to my bucket list to go!