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- Framerate on Xbox One/Series is unlocked

- Xbox Series X runs at 1620p, mostly 40-50fps

- Xbox Series S is 720p, mostly 50-60fps

- Xbox One X is 1080p, framerate ranges from the 50s all the way down to 17fps

- Xbox One S is 540p, 15-35fps

- Bugs and crashes are frequent on all platforms

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Thanks for sharing the video


The Devs said on Twitter that they're working on fixes for bugs and crashes. I think it will get better over time.

Boy that's some bad numbers. - All versions should be 30fps locked if they aren't going to deploy dynamic resolution scaling.

That's Unreal Engine 5 for you though, it destroys last gen hardware due to the garbage CPU cores used in those systems.

Really poor form on the Series S being 720P, should be 1080P at a minimum.

We also need to keep in mind the game is only early access... So hopefully things improve going forwards.

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This being on Xbox One at all is a mistake really not only cause sales are gonna be minuscule on there but also how old and outdated the hardware is. Considering this is gonna be updated for years I wonder how long they're gonna bother updating that version before dropping support.

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I did not know that they even released this game on x one


Damn, those numbers are everywhere lol

They should lower Series X resolution to 1440p so it is not GPU bound like on Series S.

Yeah it really begs the question of why even bother with Xbox One if the results are this poor.
Same goes for why it doesn't offer a 30fps cap, or why not use dynamic resolution scaling.
Feels like the devs bit off more than they could chew.