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Forums - Music Discussion - The mysterious music at my work

This is a fun thing that happened to me in my work.

You see, this year I worked for around 5 months at a school. First, you must understand that this school had two separate buildings. One of them was for kids up to 5th grade, and the other was a high school. My job was at the elementary building, taking care of the kids and other things. But the refectory and the gym was shared by both buildings.

For the kids we had a regular bell to announce lunch breaks and other scheduled stuff. For the high school, there was a speaker that played random songs for a while.

At the first week of work, I was alone doing my stuff at the hall, when I heard a very beautiful music. I couldn't identify if it was a piano or a guitar, but I liked it a lot. It was an announcement that the high school students were going home. For about 2 or 3 days they keep that music. Then they changed it.

Time passed. I never heard the mysterious music again. And since I had no contact with the directory board from the high school building, I thought I could never find it.

Then... Yesterday, I was watching The Game Awards, and when The Last of Us got the best adaptation award, they played this music.

I froze. That was the music!

Unbelievalbe. It was so easy! I never played The Last of Us, so I couldn't identify it at the school! I'm glad I was watching the awards, now I have it saved at my favorites.

My conclusion? Well, either someone at the high school was watching the HBO series, or they are a freakin' gamer that finished The Last of Us a few times.

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Play the games and watch the show. Incredible stuff.

The Last of Us is powerful, when you have events attached to this song to remember when it plays you'll fell it even more beautiful.
Songs are magic that only get stronger the more you have personal strings attached to it.
The original on PS3 is quite easy to find used for a decent price here in Brazil. Da uma chance pro jogo irmão, confia.

Place I used to work at had this faint ventilation sound in its toilet - at first I ignored it, but the more I payed attention to it, the more familiar it sounded.
Then it clicked one day - it resembled very much a chord with which "Blade Runner Blues" from Blade Runner (1984) starts. Somehow, flow of air superimposed to make it sound very much like that haunting beginning chord.
With Blade Runner being one of my all time favourite films, my toilet pauses got slightly longer after that.

When ever I hear ace combat music it makes me feel magical.


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You need to download Shazam.

It’s very good music though. Tristram vibes.

BonfiresDown said:

You need to download Shazam.

It’s very good music though. Tristram vibes.

Being compared to Tristram, which has the, by far, best town track ever, is some real praise.

While we're sharing great theme music, here's the opening intro to Netflix's 'The Devil Next Door', a fantastic five part documentary series I HIGHLY recommend.

Here's an extended, higher quality version but no video footage, unfortunately: