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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Super Mario Bros. Wonder: 93 Metacritic / 92 Opencritic

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A shockingly high Metascore so far.

Legend11 correctly predicted that GTA IV will outsell Super Smash Bros. Brawl. I was wrong.

Can't wait to play it!

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A non-shockingly high Metascore so far.

Surprised it got as high as a 93, I was expecting it to be around the upper 80s and maybeee low 90s because I find it more difficult to see reviewers give super high metascores for 2D platformers, but getting a 93 is impressive and I'm now even more excited.

Tbh amzing year for the Switch in general, couldn't ask for more for the Switch's last year. Got 3 90+ Metascore Nintendo games (Mario Bros Wonder,TOTK,Prime Remastered) along with Pikmin 4 and others.

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That's insane! For a 2d platformer in the year 2023? Nintendo goes mad when it comes to their games sometimes. Cannot wait to pick this one up!

Nintendo pumping high scores with it's biggest franchises as usual.

But I'm glad reviewers seem to note the fact that the game is chuck full of wonderful and new ideas constantly. Mario is primes to do great again !

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Oh wow! I was not expecting that.

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Higher than NSMB series, for reference.

NSMB: 89
NSMBWii: 87
NSMB2: 78

I thought high 80s. This is great news.