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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Your favorites "Battle theme" on video games !

It's all in the title. What are your favourite fighting themes in video games?


I'm going to mod the music for the FFXIII trilogy on PC. I already played these titles about 13 years ago so I want to hear some new themes.

If anyone wants to know how it's done, here's a tutorial:

1) Download Nova Chrysalia on the Discord's server linked here :
It's on #annoucements channel on the Discord.

2) The steps to follow are these tutorials in this order :

Finally launch the game through Nova Chrysalia.

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No boss battle soundtrack can top SoTC

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The Megaman Zero series has such underrated music.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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Well you didn't say how many I could mention so...

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I got so many favorites and I dont really want to invest time to post them all so I'll just post my favorite battle tracks from Final Fantasy XV.

My most favorite aspect in FFXV was the music (and I dont mean the OSTs from the older games included but the main OST) - it just pulled me into the game music wise than any other FF game.

1. Omnis Lacrima

2. Up for the Challenge

3. Veiled in Black

4. Omega

5. Daemons

6. Invidia

7. Apocalypsis Noctis

8. Spirits Converge

9. The Trials of the Shield

10. Magna Insomnia

Not a huge fan of the game, but man this might be my favorite battle theme of all time:

All of shadow of the colossus. Some bangers in okami and in elden ring there was one boss that stood out, but forgot his name.

A lot of these are very good. I personally like Inazuma Eleven