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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Microsoft considered acquiring Bungie and Sega (and more) to bolster Xbox Game Pass, internal emails show

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Microsoft was looking at acquiring both Bungie and Sega, according to internal documents from the FTC v. Microsoft hearing. In an email seen by The Verge, Xbox chief Phil Spencer wrote to both Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and Microsoft CFO Amy Hood, requesting a strategy approval to approach Sega Sammy over a potential acquisition of its Sega gaming studios.

"We believe that Sega has built a well-balanced portfolio of games across segments with global geographic appeal, and will help us accelerate Xbox Game Pass both on and off-console," said Spencer in the November 2020 email.




Pretty big, I wonder where they are in any of the discussions - obviously they lost Bungie since Sony bought them out.

Also would be huge if they do buy them - that is Sonic, Persona, SMT, Yakuza, etc - a lot of big IPs.

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Wouldn't be surprised if Sega is still on the consideration list after Activision/Blizzard deal goes through


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Captain_Yuri said:

Wouldn't be surprised if Sega is still on the consideration list after Activision/Blizzard deal goes through

Imagine a western RPG featuring Sonic.

It could be Sonic Dark Brotherhood 2.

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The list of companies MS hasnt considered buying is probably shorter at this point.

Hopefully Microsoft never gets to buy Sega.

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BraLoD said:

Hopefully Microsoft never gets to buy Sega.

BraLoD keep your filthy hands off Sega

Sega today has announced it has bought from Sony the rights to Legend of Dragoon.

BraLoD  This is stupendous and is the greatest news of this century and shows that Sega doesn't need those MS scumbags, so lets all hail my heroes Sega.😍

Sega We wish to inform you that we indeed have bought Legend of Dragoon for the sum of $5.00 with the  non negotiable proviso that we take one Mr Yoshida off Sony's hands or as they put it Mr Souls fuck up Yoshida, but before you show your outrage and accuse us of profligate spending we would like to say don't blame us blame the Japanese government the $5.00 cost included $4.99 stamp duty.

We would like to follow this up with some minor news  The Legend of Dragoon  purchase wouldn't have been possible without Microsoft buying us for 5Billion and 5 dollars.

BraLod All hail our Heroes Microsoft😊😁👍❤️💕😍

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I hope they get to a Japanese publisher like Capcom, says they want to acquire them and proceed to get laughed on hard like Nintendo did back then.

Man ... It really takes quite the gal to think money will reduce all your problems to naught.

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Like I said in the article, the most frustrating thing about all of this is that, with $70b, they could have bought all of this and still have money left. I have been saying from the very beginning that MS should have followed Tencent and Embracer's strategy.

Super Giant was a studio I wish they bought during the 360 days, would be great to have for game pass.

Sega would be ran like a 3rd party studio, so a move for game pass, having all those games in GP day 1 wouldve been awesome.

SEGA makes a lot of sense for MS. Would be a good get for Sony and Nintendo (though I dunno what Nintendo would do with the PC devs)