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Forums - General Discussion - Do you use Google Translate? What is your opinion on it?


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We all know Google is soon going to take over the world, but what do you think of it's translation tools?

Most of times, I use Google to translate text from foreign languages to english or portuguese (The two languages I understand). I think it's fine, maybe not perfect, but usually I can understand it pretty well, and the context makes sense.

What's your opinion on it?

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I use it with my phone to sometimes read Japanese menus in games. It's rough but usually does the job for that anyway. Not sure if I would trust it outside of simple tasks like that.

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It's fine, probably the best it can be for what it does until the AI revolution we are in brings advancements to tools like this to make them more intelligent.

It's okay, I'm just annoyed that it always go through english between two non-english languages to translate. So you can never really fully trust it if your language isn't english

We use to use Google Translate as a back end translation for our website when we first went international, it was not good. In the end we sent most of our stuff to an agency to translate it but now a lot is just translated by  our established international teams (native speakers) before we put anything live.

However, I have to speak to our international managers all the time and DeepL is far better for that. Google I only use now for single words.

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The Fury said:

DeepL is far better.


I mostly use an online dictionary, but sometimes when I need full sentences or more, I do use Google Translate. Should probably learn to remember DeepL instead, since supposedly it's somewhat better, but Google Translate has been doing well enough too.

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Yes, sometimes people send me messages/comments on my socials in other languages, so I use it to translate them.

I have the app on my phone and it helped me when I was in India last year.

I have studied natural language parsing for translation purposes back in the day and I'm amazed how good it already is. But that's a bit biased since I always use it to translate to or from English. Which was exactly what we were 'worried' about back in the day, how to make a universal translator without relying on one intermediary language, or what should that intermediary language be to facilitate all languages.

Anyway from and to English it works very well. I use it to communicate with South American friends on PSN from GT Sport, copy paste through the PSApp running in BlueStacks. I also used it a lot while flying around the world in FS2020, looking up info on each country I visited. And currently use it to help my kids with their French homework.