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What is Your Most Anticipated January Release?

Age of Empires II Definitive Edition 60 7.98%
Dead Space Remake 118 15.69%
Fire Emblem Engage 236 31.38%
Forspoken 85 11.30%
Monster Hunter Rise (PS|XB) 27 3.59%
One Piece Odyssey 28 3.72%
Persona 3 Portable 22 2.93%
Persona 4 Golden 40 5.32%
SpongeBob SquarePants: Cosmic Shake 24 3.19%
Nothing/Something Else 112 14.89%

hey guys, 

I’ll clean this thread up when I get home but I figured I would at least get this thread started for now. What games are you looking forward to next month? 

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High Interest
-Fire Emblem Engage (NS)
-Persona 3 Portable (PC, NS, PS4 and Xbox)

Medium Interest
-Disgaea 7 (PS4/PS5, NS)
-Persona 4 Golden (NS, PS4 and Xbox)

Low Interest
-Dead Space (PC)
-Forspoken (PC)
-Hyperdimension Neptunia Sister VS Sister (PC)
-One Piece Odyssey (PC, PS4 and Xbox)

Dead Space and Forspoken

Definitely Persona 3 Portable for me.

Played FES on PS2 but never finished it. Will be nice to play it again especially since not controlling the other party members was pretty game ruining for me, and IIRC that was fixed in the portable version. Plus not having to play as a gross icky boy will be nice.

High Interest
- None, and I will probably buy none until they are on discount some time along the line. 

Medium Interest
-Dead Space Remake

Low Interest
-Disgaea 7 
-One Piece Odyssey 
-Fire Emblem Engage 

No interest whatsoever
- The rest

Probably the first time I have very little interest in a new FE game, but Engage really doesnt catch my eye. 

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The Dead Space remake for me.

On a technical level. I'm almost obligated to say FE Engage but that game doesn't catch my interest the same way it did for Echoes or Three Houses so I guess I'll wait for a discount on it.

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Definite buy: Fire Emblem Engage
High Interest: P4G, P3P,
Medium Interest: One Piece Odyssey
Low Interest: Disgaea 7, Forsaken
No Interest: Everything else

Fire Emblem Engage, Persona 3 Portable, Persona 4 Golden. Slight interest in the Dead Space Remake, probably something I'll pick up later down the line.

Definitely going to get Fire Emblem Engage. But not at launch.