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Welcome to the new Xbox Empire! Version 4.0!

Previous iterations of this thread include Xbox Empire 3.0 under me which had over 30,000 comments before the comment nuking of 2022. Xbox Empire 2.0 which was formerly known as "Republic of Xbox" and ran by Shikamaru317 before handing it over to me, it ended its run at 28,061 posts. Finally, the original Xbox Empire ran by Jaywood2010 which ended its run at 84,551 posts.

This thread like Club NintendoPlayStation Nation and Carzy Zarx's PC Gaming Emporium will serve as a hub to discuss all things related to its respective platform (Xbox) and a community for all sorts of Xbox fans whether you play on Xbox, PC, Mobile, xCloud, etc. Wherever you play, I hope you enjoy your time in this thread and we can create a real community.


Post #1 - Upcoming Xbox Game Studios Projects.
Post #2 - Upcoming Bethesda Softworks Projects.
Post #3 - Reserved.

Post #4 - Xbox Game Studios.
Post #5 - Bethesda Softworks.
Post #6 - Reserved.

Posts #7 - Extra: Polls & Bets, Film & TV Projects.

*Store Pages Hyperlinked in Images; Includes Media/Trailers.

Release Date: Early 2023 (PC Only).

Release Date: Spring 2023 (Xbox & PC).

Release Date: 2023 (Xbox Port).

Release Date: TBA (PC).

Release Date: TBA (Xbox & PC).

Release Date: TBA (Xbox & PC).

Release Date: TBA (Xbox & PC).

Release Date: TBA (Xbox & PC)

Release Date: TBA (Xbox & PC).

Release Date: TBA (Xbox & PC).

Release Date: TBA (Xbox & PC).

Release Date: TBA (Xbox & PC)

Release Date: TBA

Release Date: TBA

Full Release Schedule (Including 3rd Party)

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*Store Pages Hyperlinked in Images; Includes Media/Trailers.

Release Date: May 2nd, 2023 (Xbox & PC).

Release Date: September 6th, 2023 (Xbox & PC).

Release Date: TBA (Xbox & PC).

Release Date: TBA (Xbox & PC).

Full Release Schedule (Including 3rd Party)

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Head of Xbox Game Studios: Matt Booty.

SH = Studio Head.
D = Director (Game and/or Creative).

Headquarters: Redmond, Washington.

Employees: 527

Key People: Pierre Hintze (SH), Joseph Staten (D).

Projects & Rumours
Halo Infinite (Ongoing).
Halo Infinite: Tatanka (Rumour).
Halo Spinoff (Rumour).

Headquarters: Vancouver, Canada.

Employees: 191

Key People: Mike Crump (SH), Matt Searcy (D).

Projects & Rumours
Gears of War 6.

Headquarters: Santa Monica, California.

Employees: 49

Key People: Darrell Gallagher (SH).

Projects & Rumours
Perfect Dark.

Headquarters: Redmond, Washington.

Employees: 200

Key People: Alan Hartman (SH), Dan Greenawalt (D).

Projects & Rumours
Forza Motorsport.

Headquarters: Leamington Spa, England.

Employees: 381

Key People: Trevor Williams (SH), Ralph Fulton (D).

Projects & Rumours

Headquarters: Twycross, England.

Employees: 286

Key People: Craig Duncan (SH), Gregg Mayles (D).

Projects & Rumours
Sea of Thieves (Ongoing).

Headquarters: Irvine, California.

Employees: 282

Key People: Feargus Urquhart (SH), Josh Sawyer (D), Leonard Boyarsky (D), Tim Cain (D).

Projects & Rumours
The Outer Worlds 2.

Headquarters: Tustin, California.

Employees: 116

Key People: Brian Fargo (SH), Chad Moore (D).

Projects & Rumours
Project Cobalt: AAA New IP (Source).

Headquarters: Cambridge, England.

Employees: 136.

Key People: Dom Matthews (SH), Tameem Antoniades (D).

Projects & Rumours
Senua's Saga: Hellblade II.
Project Mara.

Headquarters: Seattle, Washington.

Employees: 129

Key People: Phillip Holt (SH).

Projects & Rumours
State of Decay 2 (Ongoing).
State of Decay 3.

Headquarters: San Francisco, California.

Employees: 78

Key People: Tim Schafer (SH).

Projects & Rumours
Multiple New Projects (Source)

Headquarters: Montreal, Canada.

Employees: 91

Key People: Guillaume Provost (SH), David Sears (D).

Projects & Rumours
Project Midnight (Rumour).

Headquarters: Stockholm, Sweden.

Employees: 925

Key People: Helen Chiang (SH), Agnes Larsson (D).

Projects & Rumours
Minecraft (Ongoing).
Minecraft Legends.
Minecraft Spinoff (Source).

Headquarters: Redmond, Washington.

Employees: 40+

Key People: Michael Mann (SH), Adam Isgreen (D).

Projects & Rumours
Age of Empires IV (Ongoing).
Age of Mythology Retold.
Unannounced Titles (Source).

Headquarters: Redmond, Washington.

Employees: 148

Key People: Peter Wyse (SH).

Projects & Rumours
Ara: History Untold.
Kojima Productions.
Project Dragon (Rumour).
Project Shaolin (Rumour).
Project Belfry (Rumour).
Project Suerte (Rumour).

*Employees According to Linkedin.

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Senior Vice President of Development: Todd Vaughn
Director of Publishing Operations: James Altman

SH = Studio Head.
D = Director (Game or Creative).

Headquarters: Rockville, Maryland.

Employees: 441

Key People: Ashley Cheng (SH), Todd Howard (D).

Projects & Rumours
The Elder Scrolls VI.

Headquarters: Hunt Valley, Maryland.

Employees: 521

Key People: Matt Firor (SH), Rich Lambert (D), Ben Jones (D).

Projects & Rumours
The Elder Scrolls Online (Ongoing).
AAA New IP (Source).

Headquarters: Richardson, Texas.

Employees: 304

Key People: Marty Stratton (SH), Hugo Martin (D).

Projects & Rumours

Headquarters: Uppsala, Sweden.

Employees: 158

Key People: Axel Torvenius (D). 

Projects & Rumours
Indiana Jones.
Unannounced Project (Source).

Headquarters: Lyon, France & Austin, Texas.

Employees: 270

Key People: Dinga Bakaba (SH & D), Harvey Smith (SH & D).

Projects & Rumours

Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan.

Employees: 100+

Key People: Shinji Mikami (SH), Kenji Kimura (D), John Johanas (D).

Projects & Rumours
Ghostwire: Tokyo.
Smaller Project (Source).


Employees: Unknown

Key People: Chris Rhinehart (D).

Projects & Rumours

Headquarters: Halifax, Canada.

Employees: 24

Key People: Shawn Woods (D), Jeff Cameron (D).

Projects & Rumours

*Employees According to Linkedin.

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Films & TV

Halo TV Show - Paramount Plus - Live Action - Active.

Fallout TV Show - Amazon Prime - Live Action - Production.

Minecraft Film - Warner Bros - Animated - Production.

Grounded TV Show - Unknown - Animated - Preproduction.

Gears of War Film - Netflix - Live Action - Preproduction.

Gears of War TV Show - Netflix - Animated - Preproduction.

Polls & Bets


Game of the Year Awards

Xbox Empire: GOTY 2015 Results Xbox Empire: GOTY 2016 Results Xbox Empire: GOTY 2017 Results Xbox Empire: GOTY 2018 Results
Xbox Empire: GOTY 2019 Results Xbox Empire: GOTY 2020 Results Xbox Empire: GOTY 2021 Results Xbox Empire: GOTY 2022 Results

Xbox Predictions.

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Welcome to Xbox Empire V4!

I hope you all enjoy your time in here and we can make this version even more successful than the previous versions. I may have missed some things in creating the thread so feel free to point stuff out that I've missed, I have a few minor things left that I have to do but it's mostly done, and I wanted it open early.

I've made a few slight tweaks to streamline it from the previous version of the thread but it's mostly the same and I've fully restored what was lost from the previous thread with help from Bandorr.

Now all go enjoy yourselves! Empire is back!

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Dat new thread smell

Maybe I'll be more active in this one like the good ol' days.