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Head of Xbox Game Studios: Matt Booty.

Studio Head: Pierre Hintze.

Projects & Rumours
Project Tatanka (Rumour)
Halo Infinite (Ongoing Support)
Halo: TMCC (Ongoing Support)

Studio Head: Mike Crump.
Director: Matt Searcy.

Projects & Rumours
Gears of War 6

Studio Head: Darrell Gallagher.

Projects & Rumours
Perfect Dark

Studio Head: Dan Greenawalt

Projects & Rumours
Forza Motorsport (Ongoing Support)
Fable and Forza Horizon (Assistance)

Studio Head: Trevor Williams
Director: Ralph Fulton

Projects & Rumours
Fable Reboot
Forza Horizon 6 (Assumed)
Forza Horizon 5 (Ongoing Support)

Studio Head: Craig Duncan
Directors: Gregg Mayles, Mike Chapman

Projects & Rumours
Sea of Thieves (Ongoing Support)

Studio Head: Feargus Urquhart
Directors: Carrie Patel, Brandon Adler, Leonard Boyarsky, Adam Brennecke, Josh Sawyer

Projects & Rumours
The Outer Worlds 2
Grounded (Ongoing Support)

Studio Head: Brian Fargo
Director: Chad Moore

Projects & Rumours
Clockwork Revolution
Unannounced Project (Source)

Studio Head: Dom Matthews
Director: Tameem Antoniades

Projects & Rumours
Senua's Saga: Hellblade II
Project Mara

Studio Head: Phillip Holt
Director: Kevin Patzelt

Projects & Rumours
State of Decay 3
State of Decay 2 (Ongoing Support)

Studio Head: Tim Schafer

Projects & Rumours
Multiple New Projects (Source)

Studio Head: Guillaume Provost
Director: David Sears

Projects & Rumours
South of Midnight

Studio Head: Helen Chiang
Director: Agnes Larsson

Projects & Rumours
Minecraft Spinoff (Source)
Minecraft Legends (Ongoing Support)
Minecraft (Ongoing Support)

Studio Head: Michael Mann
Director: Adam Isgreen

Projects & Rumours
Age of Mythology Retold
Unannounced Titles (Source)
Age of Empires IV (Ongoing Support)
Age of Empires II (Ongoing Support)

Studio Head: Peter Wyse

Directors: Ken Lobb, Clayton Kauzlaric

Projects & Rumours
Ara: History Untold (Oxide Games)
Towerborne (Stoic Studio)
Flight Simulator 2024 (Asobo Studios)
Contraband (Avalanche Studios)
OD (Kojima Productions)
Project Maverick (People Can Fly)
Project Shaolin by Brass Lion (Rumour)
Project Suerte by Certain Affinity (Rumour)
Project Dragon by IO Interactive (Rumour)

Credit to Klobrille (Twitter/Patreon) for the Studio Images

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