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Senior Vice President of Development: Todd Vaughn
Director of Publishing Operations: James Altman

SH = Studio Head.
D = Director (Game or Creative).

Headquarters: Rockville, Maryland.

Employees: 441

Key People: Ashley Cheng (SH), Todd Howard (D).

Projects & Rumours
The Elder Scrolls VI.

Headquarters: Hunt Valley, Maryland.

Employees: 521

Key People: Matt Firor (SH), Rich Lambert (D), Ben Jones (D).

Projects & Rumours
The Elder Scrolls Online (Ongoing).
AAA New IP (Source).

Headquarters: Richardson, Texas.

Employees: 304

Key People: Marty Stratton (SH), Hugo Martin (D).

Projects & Rumours

Headquarters: Uppsala, Sweden.

Employees: 158

Key People: Axel Torvenius (D). 

Projects & Rumours
Indiana Jones.
Unannounced Project (Source).

Headquarters: Lyon, France & Austin, Texas.

Employees: 270

Key People: Dinga Bakaba (SH & D), Harvey Smith (SH & D).

Projects & Rumours

Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan.

Employees: 100+

Key People: Shinji Mikami (SH), Kenji Kimura (D), John Johanas (D).

Projects & Rumours
Ghostwire: Tokyo.
Smaller Project (Source).


Employees: Unknown

Key People: Chris Rhinehart (D).

Projects & Rumours

Headquarters: Halifax, Canada.

Employees: 24

Key People: Shawn Woods (D), Jeff Cameron (D).

Projects & Rumours

*Employees According to Linkedin.

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