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NEW THREAD COMING SOON - As only mods can edit other people's OPs I am providing this update for new users - A new thread will be created in the next few days by a member of this thread. XBE will stay open until then. The general feeling of current users seems to be that a new thread is the most respectful way to part with Jay, and to foster the ongoing health of the Xbox Community here. - Starcraft


My Final Goodbye - 7/19/2013 - 5/26/2015


So many things are running through my mind its hard to write it all down.  This is a community I’ve been with for 5 years, and in the beginning I was a bit controversial and took things too serious at times.  It created a name for me and I quickly became known.  What can I say, I was young and dumb, but later on in my VGC career I became more calm and would try to be more rational.  I began to get closer with the community and fell in love with this community on the way.  And through those times I fought for what I believed to be right for the community.  You would often see me arguing about something with the mods as I did not hide my feelings one bit, I wanted change for this community, change for the better.  Whether for XBE or the community.


It wasn’t until last year that I got fed up with knowing I could not change things that I would make my own website.   A place that I could give the community what I truly believed they deserved.  I tried to keep this private by talking to people in which I believed I could trust about my plans for a new website, but as time went on more and more things got out until you see where I stand today.  I can not convey to you all how upset, sad, and angry I am all at once.  This is not a community I want to say goodbye to, I love you guys.  But I made this proposal to say a real goodbye.  If I am to be removed from VGC I want to do it right, because I poured my heart and soul into this website at times.

Before Xbox Empire I made over 1000 threads in a years time, but once I retreated to Xbox Empire I vowed that I would make the Xbox community better on this site.  That I would help build them a safe place to comment, a place to socialize, a place to talk about all games, and a place to enjoy.  The friends I made on the way was only a bonus for the efforts I put into the thread.

But within time I wanted to venture beyond Xbox Empire and started posting threads again.  It was about the time Ryling Tolu commented on my wall talking about me making over 1000 threads and that I had made more threads than anybody else on this site other than Tbone and Spurge(He later deleted this wall post for some reason).  It was at that time that I realized people no longer make threads on VGC, not regularly anyways.  That’s when I decided to start posting a lot of threads like I use to.  I had grown bored with VGC, something that I said in skype.  That I was tired of not seeing new news and that I don’t want to be contained in XBE only.  (not exact words but something of that effect)  So I decided to post lots of new threads for you all while I was bored at work.   If I knew it would have been my down fall, I never would have posted threads again. Then I would later be able to read the discussion that was posted, something I genuinely enjoy.

In the end, one thing is for certain.  I love this community and no matter what is said, no matter what is portrayed that is an absolute fact.  There is always two sides to a story.  I love you guys, and for the many friends I’ve made here thank you for your time, but its my time to leave.  After what happened yesterday, I no longer want to be a part of this site, but its not your fault, I promise you that.

You can contact me at any of these

PSN – JayWood2010
XBL – El Jay2010
Steam – JayWood2010
Twitter -
Skype – JayWood1991 (John Woodrum)
Email –


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Gamerscore League 

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May's results.


Welcome to the Official VGChartz Microsoft gamerscore league.

Current standings

VGC Gamertag Total GS TA Races Platinums
1 jlmurph2 Murph JL 373 194 46 44 89
2 Welfare Welfare Queen I 302 162 52 24 64
3 NobleTeam360 SoDecimated 258 155 33 23 47
4 Angelus Arch Adonias 224 95 27 18 84
5 Ka-Pi96 Kapi96 216 135 29 25 27
7 Slade6alpha Slade6alpha 147 100 17 0 30
8 shikamaru317 Dethfromabove17 119 89 15 4 11
9 Brotherstotheend NOBLE CAMPER 106 89 17 0 0
10 LudicrousSpeed Cpt RonCodpiece 93 52 7 24 10
11 VisionarySine VisionarySine 91 60 4 16 11
12 Damo Honeycomb Maze 68 47 5 6 10
13 Libara Libara 66 55 5 6 0
14 MrAndyPuppy MrAndyPuppy 64 48 7 9 0
15 JayWood2010 El Jay2010 58 40 2 7 9
16 endimion Endimyon 37 34 3 0 0
16 Fusioncode Foxhound214 37 32 2 0 3
16 MoHasanie FrequentFlyer52 37 35 2 0 0
19 roland32 VehementAbyss 36 22 2 7 5
20 Iceland Elixir Error 29 25 4 0 0
21 outlawauron LeafyBug07 9 7 2 0 0


11th March - 7th April 2014

VGC Gamertag GS Points
1 Welfare Welfare Queen I 925 10
2 NobleTeam360 GuiltySpartan11 850 8
3 Angelus Arch Adonias 775 6
3 jlmurph2 Murph JL 775 6
5 LudicrousSpeed Cpt RonCodpiece 755 3
6 shikamaru317 Dethfromabove17 680 3
8 Ka-Pi96 Kapi96 405 1
9 Slade6alpha Slade6alpha 25 0


Trials Fusion
15th April - 12th May 2014

VGC Gamertag GS Points
1 jlmurph2 Murph JL 600 10
2 Ka-Pi96 Kapi96 475 8
3 Damo Honeycomb Maze 355 6
4 LudicrousSpeed Cpt RonCodpiece 100 4


Watch Dogs
27th May - 23rd June 2014

VGC Gamertag GS Points
1 jlmurph2 Murph JL 1000 10
1 Ka-Pi96 Kapi96 1000 10
3 Angelus Arch Adonias 955 6
4 Welfare Welfare Queen I 910 4
6 NobleTeam360 GuiltySpartan11 75 2

Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition
2nd July - 29th July 2014

VGC Gamertag GS Points
1 Welfare Welfare Queen I 1000 10
1 jlmurph2 Murph JL 1000 10
3 Angelus Arch Adonias 530 6
4 roland32 VehementAbyss 205 4
5 NobleTeam360 GuiltySpartan11 185 3
5 LudicrousSpeed Cpt RonCodpiece 185 3
7 shikamaru317 Dethfromabove17 55 1
8 Damo Honeycomb Maze 25 0

Diablo III: Reaper of Souls - Ultimate Evil Edition
19th August - 15th September 2014

VGC Gamertag GS Points
1 LudicrousSpeed Cpt RonCodpiece 690 10
2 VisionarySine VisionarySine 665 8
3 Libara Libara 515 6
4 MrAndyPuppy MrAndyPuppy 355 4
5 roland32 VehementAbyss 250 3

Madden NFL 15
26th August - 22nd September 2014

VGC Gamertag GS Points
1 NobleTeam360 SoDecimated 660 10
2 jlmurph2 Murph JL 600 8
3 Ka-Pi96 Kapi96 65 6
4 LudicrousSpeed Cpt RonCodpiece 50 4
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The correct person took the President's job ^

I'll sign up for everything except CoD, L4D, Minecraft, and Borderlands

GT is Ceph Angelus, but due to change to Arch Angelus soon

Make me prime minister of the Republic please.


we'll join community as I buy the games..... but I should be in halo, gow, boarderlands, EA sport, titanfal, KI, and forza 5

Turkish said:
Make me prime minister of the Republic please.

lol if you want to join just let me know.