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JayWood2010 said:

The Bingo Card links are on the second post of the front page as well as the template.  You guys will have to be patient with me on the fancy bingo cards though.  I have to learn how to use photoshop and im no Seece :P

Bingo Card Links




Halo 5 Forza 6 Crackdown Quantum Break Phantom dust
Scalebound Battletoads Banjo Conker Kameo
Lost Odyssey 2 Blue Dragon 2             Blank Infinite Undiscovery 2 Kingdom hearts HD collection + 3
Final Fantasy 16 Persona 5 Star Ocean 5 Shenmue HD collection + 3 Halo wars 2
Final Fantasy type 1(next) Final Fantasy 14 + 15 (new) Sonic   (new) Jet set radio  Gears 1 XBO + 4