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A bingo card you say? Sorry about the delay and for not having the funky colours, things have been crazy cray here. But here you are Jay/Slade! (Jlade? Jade? Slay?)

Gears Gameplay Forza 6 Gameplay New IP! New JRPG! RotTR release date
Phantom Dust update Scalebound CGI Cutscene Technical difficulties! New Kinect title Rare reboot
Hololens pricing XOne Slim! Blank Space Terrible joke Just Cause 3 gameplay
Halo 5 demo Something LEGO related Madden stuff BOIII demo Mass Effect 4 reveal
Something Minecraft-y Indie Montage Special Time Lift London title (finally!) Game delayed to 2016 Unwanted and annoying guest

As for the vote, yeah, Gears. Sorry Fable Legends but you've got competition.


Here lies the dearly departed Nintendomination Thread.