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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Dunkey Becomes A Publisher

"Bigmode is indie publishing with purpose and passion, founded in 2022 by Videogamedunkey (aka Jason) and his wife Leah. Supporting games being made with substance, quality, creativity and fun in mind is extremely important to us! The indie game world can feel crowded or oversaturated, so our goal is to give great games a powerful way to stand out.We love and deeply care about games, as well as artists and creatives in general. Bigmode is our way to foster and support those who are putting the effort and love into their projects to create the best they can— to give them the spotlight they deserve and see more of what we love in gaming."

I'm still not 100% sure if this is a joke or not, but it should be a very interesting experiment if genuine. Very curious to see what fruit this will bear.

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Sounds like a sincere but naive way for Dunkey to contribute to the medium.

I fully expect Dunkey to get wowed by some bullshit that the devs never intend to make into a full game, giving them the support they ask for, and getting bailed on. Which is a shame, because despite his faults, I like the stupid donkey.

EDIT: That being said, if he helps a single decent indie game get out the door before the whole thing falls apart, then I think he will have been at least a bit successful, seeing how this is definitely a labor of love.

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Love and tolerate.

I wish him the best of luck, but I'm not sure if his experience as a critic will help him with the behind the scene problems of developing and publishing. They are very different things.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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A lot of criticism surrounding this action. Imo I think it depends on what he meant by wanting to be involved in the medium, bcuz he stated somewhere along the lines that he has no intention on touching the creative side but wants to be involved. Does he just want to promote indie games he likes? Does he want to actually publish a game? Does he just want a name in the gaming credits? If it's like an Angel (basically a donation/fund type of thing) I think what Dunkey is doing is amazing. But if he wants to control the creation of games, it probably won't go as he plans it to be. I personally think Dunkey is just taking the Moist Critical approach to esports, since he did say the contract was very dev-friendly or whatever.

A lot of people criticizing probs didn't really watch the video. Maybe the vocabs he chose was misleading, publisher and company doesn't exactly have a positive connotation. Most criticism comes from people believing Dunkey is publishing bcuz he stated he plays a lot of games and knows what games are good. I wonder how he will manage, especially since they're doing this with 2 people according to him. More details are needed to have an opinion, a lot of people are jumping the gun and assuming which is common in modern society.

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So are they just a publisher or are they like Limited Run Games with physical releases?

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So, Animal Well came out.

That turned out well.

Love and tolerate.

Really like to hear about new indie developers making games.