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What consoles, handhelds, controllers, peripherals, and PC rigs do you currently own and what condition are they in? How often do you use them?

I'll start:

PSP (1000) - Bricked. My older brother dropped it in a pool. I love the PSP. I might just be holding onto it for sentimental value. If I ever go back to Japan I may pick up a working one.

Wii (Day 1 launch edition) - Still working. Never broken. It's hooked up in the basement. I mostly use it for Gamecube backwards compatibility. The Wii Remotes don't work to well, even with fresh batteries in them. It's annoying to have to try to navigate with the sensor bar which I lost the stand for. Wish I could navigate the menu with the Gamecube controller.

PS3 Fat 60GB model - Still kicking after all these years. I sent it in for repairs at Sony twice for YLOD. It's been in my basement since the PS4 came into my life in 2013. It still plays PS1 and PS2 games so its my link to the past. I have a few straggler PS3 games left to complete so I break it out every now and then. All my Dualshock 3 controllers are broken though. They move on their own and its hard to play with them or do anything on the PS3 really.

3DS (Day 1 launch edition) - Fully functional. Battery life might have diminished somewhat. I still have some 3DS games I want to play through so I bust it out every now and then. I also use it for DS games and the GBA and NES games I got for being a 3DS Ambassador.

PS Vita ( Day 1 launch edition) - Still works perfectly well as far as I know. I almost never have a reason to turn it on though.

PS4 (Day 1 launch edition) - The console I use the most. Never had a hardware issue. It's also my main media player. Slowly starting to transition to the PS5 but there are some PS4 games I want to finish off first from my backlog and want to play em on PS4 to save space on the PS5 SSD. Two of my Dualshock 4 controllers have noticeable drift issues, including a relatively new one that I bought during the pandemic. I have one older controller that works well but the rubber from the analog sticks have worn off.

Switch (2019 Extended Battery Life Edition) - Hooked up as one of my main consoles. I mostly play docked but will switch to handheld mode if I'm traveling or for quick bursts of Tetris 99. No Joycon drift yet as far as I can tell.

PS5 (Summer 2022) - The newest addition to the family. Still fresh out the box. My SSD is already filled with games that I will play over the course of the next several months. I want to get some peripherals and a black shell casing for this large beast.

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Atari 2600 - Works perfectly fine. Technically my parents.

Sega Genesis - It is mostly dead. A game will load one out of every like 20-30 attempts and the controller buttons only half work.

Sega CD - It smoked last time I tried to use it years ago and it hasn't turned on since.

Sega 32x - I don't know if it works or if the issue is with the Genesis.

N64 - Stopped working like 20 years ago.

PSOne - Works fine

Game Boy Color - It plays games fine, but the speaker no longer works

Neo Geo Pocket Color - I think it works? It is lost somewhere in the house, so I can't test it.

Dreamcast - Works fine

OG Xbox - Launch console died. 

OG Xbox Halo Edition - Works fine

Xbox 360 - Launch one RRoD'd, free replacement RRoD'd.

Xbox 360 replacement - Bought to replace dead 360 and still works from the last time I tested it.

Xbox One - Launch console works

PS4 slim - Works fine

Switch - Works fine

Xbox Series S - Works fine

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NES- To my knowledge, works fine.
SNES- Purchased while I was in college. A woman was trying to sell it to Gamestop, but they said they wouldn't buy it. I followed her out and bought it from her for like 50 bucks.
N64- Launch. Haven't used it in a while but still works I think.
Gamecube- Launch. Works except for first controller port. So any game that doesn't require you to be in P1's slot, it will work.
PSX- Works to my knowledge. Bought in 96 or so.
PS2- Works fine. Bought on ebay.
PS3- Bricked.
Xbox 360 Original- Bricked
XBox 360 Slim- Works fine.
PSP- Works I think.
Vita- Works I think.
Dreamcast- Launch. Works mostly but sometimes has trouble reading disks.
Gameboy SP- Near launch I think. Works.
Nintendo DS- Launch. Top Screen doesn't work.
Original 3DS- Launch, works.
New 3DS XL Galaxy- Bought one used because I knocked my old one into the toilet :(.
XBox One- Bought late in the gen. Works.
XBox Series X- Bought like 6 months ago. Works fine.
Wii- Launch model. Was sent in for repairs once, but seems fine.
Switch- Base model. Replaced my first one about a year in when it bricked. Current one is fine but a little physically beat up.

Atari 130XE - works, but needs a new floppy drive
NES - Works, but the tray sometimes takes a few presses to click into place
SNES - works fine, kind of yellow. I need new controllers for it
N64 - works fine
GameCube - works fine
Wii U - works fine
Switch - works fine, original jot cons are drifty. I have a Pro Controller that I mostly use
Game Boy - screen scratched, lines
PS1 - laser wore out and skipped. Replaced with PS2
PS2 - disc read errors. Replaced with PS3 60GB fatty
PS3 - yellow lighted after 8 years
PS4 - still works, but controller sync is weird
Xbox 360 - two of them E74d, gave up
MacBook - works, but it’s ten years out of date and runs really slow.

3DS gold Zelda edition - works fine, minimal wear.

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GameCube - Works perfectly. Is still connected to the secondary TV in the bedroom. 4 fully functioning controllers. It is not used much, but it is one of my favorite systems.

DS Lite - Works good. Sometimes the card is not read and a few of the buttons are not as snappy as one wants them to be. The console I spent most time playing on.

DS Lite - So far unused system. Bought to be a replacement when my other DS starts to fail.

PS3 superslim - Works good but is not used. Have it in a box in the cellar, should sell it but have not gotten so far, and even if it work, the value is low.

New 3DS - The only system with external damages. The lid for the battery have cracks around the screw. Works perfect but is never used. My least favorite Nintendo handheld.

Switch OLED - Used often and is in perfect condition since it is pretty new.

PS5 - Not used as much. Sometimes I start it just to listen to the menu music. Best controller that I use when playing on PC (before I scraped the PC =P) and sometimes on my phone.

Systems I no longer own.

Game Boy Advance -First system bought with my own earned money. Give to my brother when I bought a DS. Almost unusable, down on d-pad does not work, and most other buttons does not register presses half the time, missing battery lid and a few scratches on the screen.

DS - Painted it to make it more interesting and sold it. Worked well at that moment but had a few scratches on the touch screen.

DS Lite- I still have two DS Lite systems left, but had one before that. Screens where almost perfect, but the buttons mainly the L/R buttons and the D-pad did not work. Had a crack on the outside as well. Traded it at retail for store credit and bought a new system.

Wii - No problem until the day me and my Ex broke up and she got it.

PS2 Slim - Bought after PS3 already had released. Ex got this one as well. One of the controllers did not connect as well in the left controller port at that time.

3DS - Sold after I bought the new 3DS. Never really liked the 3DS but it worked well at that time and had the ambassadors program on it that I could transfer to the new 3DS. I have a feeling that there are not that many new 3DS out there with the ambassadors program on them.

Switch - Gave it to my brothers kids when I bought the OLED version. They thought it was a new system so I guess it was in good condition.

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Ps 1 - Doesnt work anymore
Ps 2 - Doesnt work anymore
Ps 3 - Works just fine, but the controller take a little while to connect
Ps 4 - Pristine condition
PSP - Works just fine

GBC - Doesnt work anymore
GBA - Doesnt work anymore
N3DS - Works just fine, but the battery doesnt last as long anymore
N64 - Works just fine, but the controller's cable is a bit peeled off tho.
WiiU - Works, but connecting to the tv takes a little while to "get good image"
Switch - Pristine condition

PC - Is very old. Use it to play old games like AOE2, emulators, SimCity. Works pretty well for porn.

Gamecube: Works perfectly.
Tried it out a few months ago after over 10 years of not using it.

Wii, launch version: Works perfectly.
Use it occasionally for Wii and GC games.

DS Lite: Good condition, all buttons have lost their clickyness, left shoulder button sometimes doesn't respond. Don't use it anymore.

OG 3DS: Both shoulder buttons don't work and the rubber on the control pad fell off.
Don't use it anymore.

New 2DS XL: Works perfectly, still have a bunch of 3DS games I want to finish.

OG Switch: I broke it. It's a dumb story.

Switch V2: Works perfectly.
Use it daily.

I've owned consoles from the SNES on, and the only consoles that don't work anymore are from the same generation My year 1 Wii and year 1 PS3 both died. Every. other console I've owned still work fine.

I have a near 100% track record of flawless condition hardware: the only console I ever had that had an issue was my Dreamcast. This was EASILY fixed with a little know-how and some Google on the laser head. (it stopped reading discs and the head would just track around like crazy, turns out it's repairable with a screwdriver!) Literally everything else I've owned, controllers included, worked flawlessly until the day I traded them in/sold them. I also kept my controllers clean (even now, much to the chagrin of everyone who looks at me funny when I ask them to wash their hands before they touch my controllers) and hardware dusted. Anything I ever traded in or sold was met with the comment, "looks like you barely used it" which was absolutely NOT true lol

Of course, typing this is in and of itself a jinx. I KNOW this is going to result in me having my first proper gaming hardware issue, I just KNOW it...

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All of my consoles and handhelds work and are like-new (except my old GameBoy, which works fine but is showing signs of wear externally).

As for PCs, well I only tend to replace my PC when the old one dies, and when they die I dismantle them and scrap or salvage the parts. So my two old PCs are... scattered, never to be as one again.