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Forums - Sports Discussion - Mexican foot ball league riot 17 killed , 26 injured , Two hated Mexican teams goes viral

There hasn't been a lot of transparency when it comes to countering the public's perception of the slaughter, a lot of people think there were deceased, and it's no wonder, the videos are brutal (for anyone interested, I say you shouldn't check them out). 

Additionally, no arrests have been made, competitions are recommencing tomorrow, investigation is very slow, and sanctions have been very bland. Ultras were banned, security elements are going to be increased but necessities like strong video surveillance in stadiums and credentialization haven't been addressed.

The way the aftermath has been handled leaves a lot to be desired.

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As a brazilian, I have to say that I am used to things like that. Soccer is the main sport in Brazil, and we have matches almost every sunday. And it's quite normal to have fans fighting and getting injured over their favorite team.

it was bound to happen sooner or later, not only there has always been problems with riots made by "fans" of football soccer teams at stadiums but the FIFA and the respective local federarions, neither the authorities of the countries take better courses of action to truly ban this kind of "people" from the sport, due to fear of losing an important flux of money from this dudes that everyweek attend religiously to the stands but put in danger other people, then they have become dangerous mafias through the decades, and in Latin America those Ultras, Hinchas, Barras Bravas, Hooligans or whatever have acquired enough power and presence to even treathen anyone and anything that dares to disturb them, some having control even over the teams or clubs, the local authorities or police related to the stadiums etc..

If i remember correctly Mexico itself had a problem like this like in 2014 or so, they were supposed to make a list or census of agressors in stadiums, and they were also going to approve harsher fines and other things, as always in LATAM this was never implemented as it should, those people should face prison according to what they did but more that anything they should be banned for life from entering a football stadium, so no one dares to think to ever make that kind of sh*t again. 

That report is actually not accurage. Mexican news outlets have confirmed at least 20 dead people and if you see all the tweets with the pictures of people naked and lifeless on the floor I wouldnt be surprised if the toll is a lot higher than that.

Not sure why white media is hidi g this but it's pretty obvious people died here

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SegaHeart said:

The 3rd link the demented Atlas fans say kill them all .

There's more guys in bloodbath and few having seizures from beatings that in mexican news showed but USA news won't show that , I dont know why Mexican news like showing that especially since a Latino relative from Honduras that is staying in Mexico short time showed me the videos mexican news gave out , Mexican news don't hide that they even showed Ukrainian family and kids getting blown up by russian missiles which is too strong compared to USA news which doesn't show anything except blown buildings.

Because the media are very morbid, people complained time and time again that since the 2000 there were a surge in ridicuolous censorship in anime, cartoons and movies being broadcasted or not being broadcasted at all as the years went by, but newspappers and infomation media like to gain audience in two ways, by using atractive women or by using gory images and shock news.

Soonerman said:

Not sure why white media is hidi g this but it's pretty obvious people died here

You might as well pick a different team. The SEC is going to brutalize OU. 

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