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Forums - Gaming Discussion - First and Possibly Last Annual VGChartz Best Videogame Music Tournament Nominations

Forums are a little dead, so I thought I'd pitch in by doing something message boards are uniquely suited for, a good old fashioned tournament. In this tournament we will be deciding on the favorite composition of video game music.

Rules for nominations are very simple. You may nominate up to three pieces of music from any game of your choice. The only rule is the the song must have originated in a videogame. Originally I was going to say it simply had to be in a video game, but then something like Let it Go could win the whole thing, which would defeat the purpose. And it must be the version that appeared in the game so no covers, although that might also be something to do in the future. 

I'm thinking the top 64 nominees will make it to the big time. So go ahead and nominate your three favorite gaming songs. If possible, please include a link to the song. The order you nominate in makes no difference, each nomination will be worth one point. Only post once, and if you want to change your choices edit that post to avoid confusion. I think I'll give two weeks for the nomination process, but I might do more or less depending on what kind of action the topic is getting.

So hop to it. ^_^

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For my nominees, I'll go with...

Hard to choose between this, Megalovania, and Battle Against a True Hero. But I made my choice.

So serene and relaxing. 

The fact that such a banger could be made with chiptunes is amazing. Definitely puts you in the mood to **** up a mad scientist.

I'll need to give this some thought - it's gonna be tough to come up with a top 3. I'm definitely in though.

Reserving this post for later, thinking of potential nominees ...

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I'm not going to tally them up until later, so you can change them later so no need to worry about posting too early and then remembering your favorite song. Feel free to edit them later... but please don't edit it just because everyone else is picking your song and you want to get a dark horse candidate in ^_^

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Only three songs from all of gaming is pretty insane. I mean, I actually have a pretty consolidated trio of all-time favorites, but there's so much else I'd want to list... Anyhow. Think I've posted these three together not too long ago, so it won't be a big surprise.

Edit: okay, but I wanna list other songs anyway so I'm just gonna write a bunch of honorable mentions bear with me here

Astral Chain - Aegis Research Institute (a shame I can't find one good mix of this one)
DKC series - Fear Factory; Lockjaw's Saga; Mining Melancholy; Amiss Abyss; Harvest Hazards; Seashore War
Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy - Zero to Hero; The Darkness Inside
Hollow Knight - Greenpath; Queen's Gardens; White Palace
The Legend of Zelda series - Gerudo Desert; Dragon Roost Island; Hyrule Field; Fi's Theme; Lanayru Desert; Riding (Night); Hyrule Castle
Metroid series - Theme of Super Metroid; Upper Brinstar; Hydro Station; Sector 4 Underwater; Tallon Overworld 2; Torvus Bog
Nier: Automata - City Ruins - Rays of Light; Alien Manifestation; Bipolar Nightmare; Weight of the World
Okami - Shinshu Field; Waka's Theme; Giving Kushi a Ride; Wep'keer; Reset - Thank You; Reset
Ori series - Up the Spirit Caverns Walls; Climbing the Ginso Tree; Restoring the Light, Facing the Dark; Now Use the Light, We Want to See!; Dashing and Bashing; Shadows of Mouldwood; Escaping the Sandworm; Shriek and Ori; Ori, Embracing the Light
Persona series - The Battle for Everyone's Souls; Last Surprise; Blooming Villain; Beneath the Mask; Rivers in the Desert; Daredevil
Pokémon series - Route 10; Onward to Our Own Futures; Battle! Xerneas/Yveltal; The Pokémon League; Battle! Elite Four; Vast Poni Canyon
Shadow of the Colossus - The Opened Way; Revived Power; Epilogue ~Those Who Remain~; The Sunlit Earth

ahem. Sorry about that.

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Ooof, choosing just 3 is so hard. 

Alright then, not sure if they're my definitive top 3 but these are the three songs I feel like nominating:

Also I'm gonna have to pull a page from mZuzek's book and list a bunch of honorable mentions:

I could list a bunch from Persona 5 and Undertale as well, but I'm sure they'll be mentioned plenty.

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Considering how much I've written about video game music for the site I think I have to participate here. Let's try to narrow this down to three songs then.

1. You're Not Alone (Final Fantasy IX) My favourite track from my favourite score of all time.

2. A Beautiful Song (Nier: Automata) One of the most memorable songs from the what is in my opinion the best video game soundtrack of the last ten years.

3. The Opened Way (Shadow of the Colossus) I couldn't not pick something from SotC.

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