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Forums - Gaming Discussion - A New South Park VIdeo Game is Currently in development at Question Games (ex Bioshock Devs)

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It'll be interesting to see where they go with this. The two previous games were excellent. Like the OP, I'm hoping multiplayer isn't a major factor in playing the game.

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Was honestly tired of the turn based system, i prefer they would do what they want, I always liked the cancelled open world south park game: Gives a simpson no hit run vibe.

As someone who loved the previous South Park games this makes me happy. Hopefully this will be another RPG-esque game and with the usual shenanigans of the series.

For such a long time series I'm glad the games and episiodes are still coming. The latest long episode/s were hilarious.

BasilZero said:

From Bioshock to Southpark.

What a change.

Hopefully it turns out good.

Look, I love BioShock, but going from it to South Park is like going from an amateur English club to Manchester City. Well, at least I see it that way. 

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Hopefully it's pretty similar to the previous two, or even a well-implemented open-world adventure. It would be cool if they went anime this time like "Good Times With Weapons". They've already done fantasy epic/adventure and superheroes.

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