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Forums - Sales Discussion - Predict Switch 2021 sales (calendar year)

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How much will Switch sell this calendar year?

under 20 million. I am a troll. 1 1.64%
20 - 23.9 million, a large drop from 2020 3 4.92%
24 - 25.9 million, a modest drop from 2020 9 14.75%
26 - 27.9 million, a slight drop from 2020 26 42.62%
28.0 - 28.9 million, about the same as 2020 11 18.03%
29.0 - 30.9 million, a slight increase 2020 6 9.84%
31 - 32.9 million, a modest increase 2020 2 3.28%
33 - 40 million, a large increase from 2020 0 0%
over 40 million. I am a troll. 3 4.92%

It's that time of year again.  We are getting close to the holidays, and it's time to make a prediction about just how well the Switch is going to finish out the whole year.  Switch is looking to have another big year, but just how big will it be?  Will it be able to surpass last year's amount, or will it fall short?

For reference here is how Switch has done in previous both in annual sales and how they were doing at this point during the year (YTD).  I've also included how much they would sell this year if they continued at that same rate. (Numbers come from VGChartz.)


Switch Worldwide Sales (in millions)

YTD annual % YTD 2021 projection
2017 6.48 13.15 49.3% 31.25
2018 7.54 16.34 46.1% 33.37
2019 9.45 19.3 49.0% 31.45
2020 16.64 28.29 58.8% 26.18
2021 15.4 ? ? ?


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I'm really better in weeklies but I'll say 24M.

If you make a poll it will be cool too!

At least 10 million is a given starting this week, so minimum 25 million

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11.1 million or a proper 26.5m 58.1% YTD in between 2019 and 2020

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26.5M is my guess.

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This fiscal year of this calendar year ?

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Heh, didn't realize the thread was posted while I made the poll. Well, the poll is up if you want to vote.

Calender year sell through i think 27.5m so slightly down on last year. As far as Official shipments Switch has shipped 4.72 + 4.45 ( 9.17m ) in H1 of 2021, i think H2 will be 5.3 + 12.1 (17.4m) for a total of 26.6m shipped in 2021 which is slightly down on the 27.39m of 2020.

Amnesia said:

This fiscal year of this calendar year ?


In terms of shipments, so far the Switch sold 4.72 & 4.45 the first 2 Quarters of the calender year bringing the total to 9.17 so far this year. I'm expecting another 4 Million shipped in Q3 then 11 Million for the holiday quarter. Which adds up to around 24 Million Sold for this calendar year