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Forums - Sony Discussion - State of Play - Oct 27 (3rd party updates + a few reveals; 20 mins)

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Last edited by twintail - on 27 October 2021

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I`ll tune but without any major expectations.

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Just 1 day before my birthday. I imagine they'll announce Suikoden VI.

I hope we get updates on Hogwarts, FF16, Little Devil Inside, but I'll be setting myself up for disappointment lol.

I hope for a new FF16 trailer. We are overdue for it, but I do like the idea that they only show actual shit though.

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These are always so boring. Ill still watch it though...

Even if the game already released, I wonder if we will see some Deathloop showtime again.

The previous ones had a lot of it!!

Probably nothing, but let us know later if you have any good news!

My prediction in 2021.

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Seems ff16 might be a possibility. I will watch this without expecting too much.


No doubt cod will take up some of the time. Not really expecting anything cool from this one.

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