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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 and 2 Remaster announced for PS4, Xbox One & Epic Game Store, EDIT : Local Multiplayer, Faithful to original, ex Neversoft employee work in this project

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What do you think

Yes 11 61.11%
No 7 38.89%

Some THPS1+2 details

- majority of OG songs

- local split-screen + other MP modes

- Create-A-Park/Skater are in

- VV aiming for a faithful remaster

- Endless combos possible

- Former Neversoft devs are working on this

EDIT: Add Gameplay Footage and Interview with Tony Hawk

EDIT 2: Gameplay showcase with Jablinsky Games A.K.A Jet Black

PS1 classic Versus the Remaster 

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Great stuff. Played so much of THPS3 and 4. Cant wait!

Welcome back to the 90's . Where all the cool thing happened

I actually have a lot of fond memories of THPS2, so I might check this out.

It just feel like people want to screw themself over? TH 1/2 are litterally games that you finish in a couple of hours. (2 takes 45 minutes if you know what to do, and less if you speedrun it). Anyway I guess THPS 3/4 are for part 2?

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Do skateboards still exist? I thought they went extinct in the 2000s.

If you demand respect or gratitude for your volunteer work, you're doing volunteering wrong.

If they manage to pull those remakes off as good as were the Crash and Spyro remakes, I'm in.

Unfortunately, no Switch version announced, which is a shame.

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Gosh the nostalgia. Looks great, probably day one for me.

Nice touch to end the trailer with a 900.

Sounds like Activision took the bribe from EG, but ah well, just one less game for me to care about, a year later. I know Acti anyway, they'll care it high even a year later.

Also totally forgot. They could have simply sold this on Battlenet, rather than keeping it locked to a store I don't have installed and never plan on using. I use Battlenet weekly as well. THis could have been an easy sell for me, provided with modding, but I guess Acti once again doesn't give two shits, money, money, money (I wish Bobby would kick the bucket someday, as well as all the old higher ups, because I'm tired of their pure greed bs). 

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So pay up motherfuckers you belong to "V"

Can't wait to replay THPS2! My favorite PS1 game.

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