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Batman or Spider-Man?

Batman 26 50.98%
Spider-Man 25 49.02%

Batman and Spider-Man are the two most popular superheroes in the world. They represent the two comic book industry giants. Both are based in a comic book version of New York. Both like to swing around. One is filthy rich. The other is dirt poor. Both have excellent movies and games under their belt. Who is better?

Batman and Spider-Man also happen to be my two favorite superheroes. I will give the slight edge to Spider-Man because Batman gets too dark and serious sometimes.

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Spider-man. I can relate to a broke guy just doing his best. Can't relate to a billionare out for vengeance.

As much as I've enjoyed Marvel in the past few years and as much as I adore Tom Holland as Spiderman, my appreciation for Batman is deep-rooted and spans comics, games, TV-shows, animated movies, and a few good movies.

I know more Batman quotes and speeches in my head than what I should.

Batman for sure. Never cared about Spider-Man or other Marvel stuff at all. Superman is also lame.

I like them both more or less the same, but Spider-Man.

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Games: Spiderman > Batman. I really enjoyed the PS4 Spiderman game, while the Arkham games didn't work for me.
Movies: Nolans Batman > Spiderman > Other Batman :D

Spider-Man. Out of all the superheroes, I find him easily the most relatable. A kid, quickly becoming a young man, who is in way over his head trying to do his best to do good in a shitty world he was thrust into.
Batman, he's cool, but the super brooding, edgy, dark hero has been done to death and doesn't really do anything for me. Plus, he's kind of a condescending dick.

Athaba said:

Games: Spiderman > Batman. I really enjoyed the PS4 Spiderman game, while the Arkham games didn't work for me.
Movies: Nolans Batman > Spiderman > Other Batman :D

Strange.  Even as a blatant Spider-man fanboy who bought the PS4 mainly for that game, I'd say Arkham City at least was better.

I don't read comic books so I can only judge by the movies. I liked the spider man trilogy with Tobey Maguire a lot more than the amazing spiderman, so I compare that one to Nolan's Batman. I'd say the Batman Trilogy is a little bit better, but it's very close.

Ninja Turtles. But out of these 2. Spider-Man. Batman's not relatable tho. Billionaire who has fancy jets and cars. Has his mouth exposed and no one takes advantage of that weakness nor can tell who he is? bah!

Spider-Man is one of us. A geek. Just with superpowers. He is relatable. Balancing the struggles of his life with being a hero. He's always in financial trouble. Nice redhead GF which is the best. He's the most human of the two. One of my fave moments in the Spider-Man films is he washes his suit with the whites and his whites come out pink. Another film after fighting sandman he pours sand from his boots. A more recent one he is taking a lunch break. little things that just make him so relatable. He's vulnrable is most the ways we are.

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