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Ninja Turtles. But out of these 2. Spider-Man. Batman's not relatable tho. Billionaire who has fancy jets and cars. Has his mouth exposed and no one takes advantage of that weakness nor can tell who he is? bah!

Spider-Man is one of us. A geek. Just with superpowers. He is relatable. Balancing the struggles of his life with being a hero. He's always in financial trouble. Nice redhead GF which is the best. He's the most human of the two. One of my fave moments in the Spider-Man films is he washes his suit with the whites and his whites come out pink. Another film after fighting sandman he pours sand from his boots. A more recent one he is taking a lunch break. little things that just make him so relatable. He's vulnrable is most the ways we are.

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!