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Which game will you play to save your life

Anthem 10 71.43%
Fallout 76 4 28.57%

Okay, so lets bring up a scenario,

You are held captive, the only way for you to live and see your family again is to play one of the two chosen games, which will you play?

Anthem by Bioware

Fallout 76 by Bethesda

EDITED: No death option

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well RIP

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I'd probably choose death.

I was planning on putting the "Death" option in however I know everyone will just choose that option. No short cuts

Well we could play fallout 76 and nuke ourselves right?

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Are the servers still on for Anthem?

I guess Fallout 76, I can just spend time building a house... so basically just a crap version of Minecraft.

Hmm, pie.

Probably Anthem, as it seems to have the better gameplay.

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Well I mean, I own Anthem so...

Pre-release, I was interested in Anthem. I didn't end up playing it, because it was not well received. But, the concept is still of interest to me.

I never had any interest in Fallout 76. I'm just not into the Fallout series in general. With that said, it seems that this game still has a large player base, and receives content updates fairly often. So, it has that going for it.

So.... I guess I'll go with Anthem. I imagine I'd get a sense of what could have been with that game, rather than spending my whole life wondering about it.

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