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Which game will you play to save your life

Anthem 10 71.43%
Fallout 76 4 28.57%

*Pulls gun on the head*

This world was never good to begin with 😭

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How long for though? That's a pretty important factor.

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Fallout 76
Because it has 16 times the detail.

Fallout 76. Already played it and it was okay. Pretty cool how an ad popped over the entire text box while I was writing this though.

Anthem probably, at least it's just kinda boring rather than broken and boring. Prettier to look at too.

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It was a tough choice at first, because I thought Anthem was a FPS and I really hate FPS games.  But I looked it up and saw that it's third person and part role playing, so I'd take that over any Bethesda game easily.  Bethesda games suck so hard.  I hear Fallout 76 is an exceptionally bad one which is something I don't want to imagine, because I can't stand Morrowind and people think that one is actually good.

Fallout will probably bug out somehow making it unable to play. Anthem it is.

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Anthem looks more appealing to me despite being a Fallout fan.

Wouldnt really make a difference under those circumstances, whatever aversion I may have to those wouldve been mitigated and completely fogotten.
Gonna say Anthem just because it looks prettier.


I mean if I had to....Fallout 76