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Forums - Sales Discussion - Witcher 3 Sales Breakdown

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Wow, almost 30M sales for the game! Didn't expect that much, more like 20M

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700k on Switch in only 2 months and a half is pretty great ! With the Netflix show i'm sure the sales might be close to 1 million on the system by now.

Switch really proves there is a place for third party games on a Nintendo console and even if they are released late and heavily downgraded.

Still surprised there isn't much third party exclusives for it. 

I think Nintendo might take that into consideration for next gen even more. We'll see if we still get support with the next gen tho.

What happened in 2019

Thanks for sharing.

It's interesting how much did the game sell on PS4 given that neither of the previous two games were on PS consoles. And it's also surprising that the game sold more in Asia than North America.

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Digital only acounted for 29% in 2015 but 82% in 2019. The trend is clear.

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Marth said:
Oneeee-Chan!!! said:

What happened in 2019

Witcher series on Netflix which got quite popular.

Hmmmm, really?

By the way, it's surprising  for me that this game sells well in Asia.

I bought Witcher 2 and 3 (twice!) but I never imagined it was so successful. 😲

Shit, I didn't see this thread as the other newer one was up on the front page when I logged on, my bad.

Anyway, as I said there, 700k in 2.5 months for the Switch version is pretty damn good considering it was a full price port of a four year old game.

It will breeze passed the million mark, (if it hasn't already) which should easily be enough to turn a profit from a conversion of a game that was already made.

Cyberpunk 2077 is going to be massive...

A) I had no clue the game was this successful.  Very impressive.

B) Considering the jump in PC sales last year, I have to conclude the Netflix series is mostly helping the PC platform.  I suppose most of those new customers wouldn't have owned a console, so PC would be the most natural platform if they just wanted to play Witcher 3 and nothing else.