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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Which Major Regions Will the PS5 and Xbox Series X NOT Launch in During 2020?

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So we all know that the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will be launching this holiday season. However it is highly unlikely that either or both consoles will launch in all major regions by the end of the year. By major regions I mean North America, Europe (PAL) and Japan. Which region will likely miss out on a console launch this year?

It is almost 100% guaranteed that the PS5 and Xbox Series X will launch in the USA (North America) this holiday. It is arguably the most important region and definitely the most competitive. It would be a major folly for one to allow the other a sizable head start. Plus both Xbox and PlayStation headquarters are based in the US so of course they will launch close to home.

No new generation of PlayStation hardware has launched simultaneously in all three major regions. There is usually a delay of a couple months if not a release in separate calendar years. The question is which region, PAL or Japan, is more likely to be excluded in 2020? The PS1, PS2, PSP, PS3, and PS Vita all launched in Japan first then in other regions. The PS4 however saw the Japan launch pushed back to February of the following. This was likely due to lack of appealing Japanese software at launch and prioritizing the western market for the constrained supply. Will the PS5 be the same?

Until the PS4, PAL almost always saw PS releases the calendar year after the Japan launch? PAL is Sony's strongest region? Could they ever go back to putting it on the back burner?

Xbox Series X has almost no chance of performing well in Japan. It likely would not siphon off much supply but the resources and energy putting the support infrastructure in Japanese is probably better spent elsewhere.

What do you think?

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I am not entirely confident they will hit North Korea at launch even though its a huge market.

They need to focus on Syria anyway.

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South Korea, and China.

I'm going to say that both will launch in all of those regions this year.

With that said, it wouldn't surprise me at all if MS pushed the Japanese launch off until 2021, or maybe even 2031.

Considering the Xbox One's abysmal sales performance in Japan, maybe they'll skip Japan altogether next gen.