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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Predict the Next Direct (Winter 2020 Edition)


When will the next Nintendo Direct hit?

January 21st-25th 4 6.25%
January 26th-31st 7 10.94%
February 1st-7th 3 4.69%
February 8th-14th 15 23.44%
February 15th-21st 3 4.69%
February 22nd-29th 10 15.63%
March 1st-7th 9 14.06%
March 8th-14th 1 1.56%
March 15th-21st 8 12.50%
We're not getting one; Don't Care 4 6.25%

Ok, folks...It's definitely that time again.  We haven't had a real Direct since September 4th, 2019 and with Animal Crossing on the *cough cough* horizon, I thought we should get out our predicting caps once again.

This is for an actual Direct, not a game specific direct, so an Animal Crossing Direct, a nindies showcase, or an off the wall Labo-style reveal will not count.

So what do you all think?  When will the Big N drop the next Direct on us hungry, huddled masses?

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Early march so we at least can at least think of rain during the drought. I also think the focus will be on AC until just before its release. Alternatively I wouldn't be surprised if we don't get one until/just after (or a two pronged pre/post E3 combo) E3. Nintendo could be saving everything to spur interest in Q3/Q4 to remain relevant amid new console launches and just ride momentum, of which they have plenty, until then.

End of January/Big of Feb for main Direct.

Animal Crossing Direct a couple of weeks before it launches.

Earthbound 4 Direct a week after March 25th.

Still hoping for one in january.

I'll go with 26-31. But its really a toss up. They will for sure have one by the end of February. Considering they decided to not announce the Smash DLC during the direct, it hints that they might have a bit of a meaty direct coming. I think we should get it in the next 2 weeks.


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I'm taking the guess that they'll have one this week. I'm guessing that they have just been stringing us along for the past couple of weeks with the Pokemon/Smash Bros updates, and they are going to release the full one this week. Might just be wishful thinking on my part though.

On my birthday, week 7.

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I don’t understand why everyone expect a Direct in January, since the Switch Launch, their main Direct have been in early March and early February. So I’m putting my eggs in the early Feb, the 6th or the 13th.

Logically at the start of Feb .... but I'm weirdly inclined to say early March cuz it'd be one of these weird moves by Nintendo to make everyone wait longer.

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I predict we will get a direct on January 30