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Forums - Sales Discussion - When will Switch pass Wii?


When will Switch pass Wii?

Holiday 2021 31 19.38%
Early 2022 12 7.50%
Mid 2022 14 8.75%
Holiday 2022 34 21.25%
Early 2023 15 9.38%
Mid 2023 10 6.25%
Holiday 2023 15 9.38%
2024 or later 6 3.75%
Never 23 14.38%

Switch is currently around 50.4 million according to VGC estimates, Wii sits at 101.6 million.

Will it pass it faster than the PS4?

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Summer 2022.

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18 of january 2023.

Added a poll.

Q1 2023 is a very shaky bet

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November 2022.

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Around 2022.

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20+20 =jan 2022
10= okt 2022

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Sometime in 2022 is a safe bet, how early in the year however will just depend I guess.

Switch still has a good momentum and potential revisions and price drops to offer yet.
Can keep a stream of 15M+ sold each year for the next 3 years.
Id say holidays 2022 to pass wii.