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Do you like Walking Simulators?

Yes 6 17.65%
It depends 10 29.41%
No 18 52.94%

Walking Simulator is that kind of game where you progress through a story by just walking in a road, or exploring the surroundings.

Examples: Dear EstherFirewatch and The Park.

I started Dear Esther: Landmark a while ago, because I was kinda tired of action games. I don't know, sometimes I just want to relax and enjoy a calm adventure.

What about you, do you enjoy Walking Simulators, or they are not your kind of game?

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Depends on the mood but not these days, they are games for when you are smoking weed. I can't get into them sober, at least not for a second go after my first session.


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Nope. Though, a lot of the story-driven crap these days is not much different - walk along straight line, shoot things, get cutscene every 10 mins, done.

Story driven games, I'd usually go with visual novels/adventure point n' click stuff but it doesn't mean I can't enjoy these type of g-g-.... Experiences ^^

What remains of  Edith Finch and Firewatch are still good advocates from recent times.

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Nope, not at all. They're not really even games as far as I'm concerned. Interactive novels maybe, but not games.

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I played Abzu and I enjoyed it. It takes place in the ocean but for all intensive purposes its a walking simulator. As somebody else said, I get burnt out on playing games where you got to beat somebody up and something like Abzu serves as a contrast to that. Hell, sometimes I turn on AC: Odyssey just to run around

At one point, I did. I really did. From the first time I played Ninja Gaiden on the days of the NES, I dreamed of cinematic video games that were more passive. I liked watching a story unfold without stress and the illusion of my involvement.

Now, these games just seem like more of a chore than anything. Even games that offer a lot of action between their "walking as the story unfolds" are losing their appeal. I understand pacing but these days I like more gaming in my games.

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Is Everybody's Gone To The Rapture one? I think it is. Anyway, if so, it's the only one I've ever played. It was beautiful, sad, and haunting. I still can't even with the overall narrative, and individual stories. Can't even!

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I don't think I've ever played one... Maybe GTA 5.

No, none of those games interests me the slightest.