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Forums - Movies Discussion - Sonic The Hedgehog - Official Trailer

So here it is guys, the first trailer for the Sonic film... featuring Jim Carrey... with hair, lol. I'm not really sure how I feel about it, I mean, it looks bad, but not as bad as I thought it'd be, like, I'd actually go and watch it JUST to see ol' Jim, lol;

What do you guys think, yay or nay?

At the end of the trailer Jim Carrey is bald with a bigger moustache and actually looks proper! :o 

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This looks like the worst video game adaptation of all time - and that's saying a lot!

Lots of questionable choices. But Jim Carrey does increase my interest

Check the link below. (note to Admins: it's not really porn please don't ban me!)


wow..uummm. I am not turned off to it. .... I thought it looked fine.

"Is that all you got?" " No, Thank you for asking"

I love Jim's delivery!

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Don't like the look of Sonic, but man is Jim Carrey perfect as Robotnik.

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Xxain said:
"Is that all you got?" " No, Thank you for asking"

I love Jim's delivery!

Yeah, I honestly think Jim could save this film... definitely gonna' be the best part for me, lol :P 

As I anticipated, it's the Super Mario Bros. movie all over again.

At least the human cop, whoever the fuck he is, does us a favor and tranquilizes live-action Sonic.

What does Gangsters Paradise have to do with Sonic? They couldn't have been bothered to use actual Sonic-related music for the trailer?

It's like Paramount doesn't give a shit about the Sonic brand, so they just slapped Sonic onto a shitty buddy cop movie with Jim Carrey for some reason and called it a day.

Next thing you know they'll bring in Tails, but as an obsessed fanboy who wants to touch Sonic's ass, or Knuckles as a Jamaican cartel.

Huh, I think it could be worse. Still not a fan of Sonic's overall design but it's okay I guess. Not going to see it in theaters most likely though.

If I'm ever going to see this it's because of Jim Carrey. I'm more of a Mario guy.