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I choose...

Fallout 76 22 39.29%
The Quiet Man 8 14.29%
Metal Gear Survive 8 14.29%
Atlas 3 5.36%
Ark on Switch 11 19.64%
Other 4 7.14%

I'm seeing a lot of Metal Gear Survive popping up, but after playing it myself, I can't see how it could be considered the worst game of the year, especially when we have Fallout 76 and more specifically; Atlas, on the list.

I mean, the only thing I can think of that would make Survive one of the worst games of the year is that they've literally made up some bogus story and stuck the "Metal Gear" name on the game for extra sales. The game itself works fine, it does some things really well, some things not so well, but it's not exactly the broken pile of shit that is Atlas. That game is borderline unplayable and a bigger disappointment than No Man's Sky was at launch, at least when that game came out it was playable and didn't have half the glitches and bugs that Atlas has. It's basically Ark reskinned, and I'm pretty sure Ark still isn't "fixed" yet either, lol. 

TL;DR - Atlas. I'm sorry but there is no other correct answer in my mind, lol.

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Fallout 76 put emphasis on the stuff i hated about 4 and didnt even run properly to booth

shikamaru317 said:

Watch this if you think any of the other poll options are worse than Atlas:

I'm positive your opinion will change. 

That definitely makes a very strong case for Atlas, but as horrifically janky as it looks, Ark on Switch looks just as janky and even uglier, and as much as I loathe shoddiness, I loathe pretentious wankery in equal measure, so I still think Ark Switch and the Quiet Man are contenders.

Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn for me.

Clumsy action, recycled enemies, tedious gameplay, juvenile, tired, and offensive humor.

out of actual working ones? MG Survive, out of ones that want to be a game that try to work? 76

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Veknoid_Outcast said:
Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn for me.

Clumsy action, recycled enemies, tedious gameplay, juvenile, tired, and offensive humor.

I forgot that came out in 2018.

But really, what did you expect from a sequel to a game so bad there was a website dedicated to destroying every existing copy? :P

For me it was Dynasty Warriors 9.

If judging the game alone, I'd have to say Ark on Switch. The performance of that game is absolutely horrendous, and I can't stand to even look at this animated oil painting, let alone play it.

But judging both the games and everything surrounding it? Fallout 76 by far. I have NEVER seen a company so thoroughly make an ass out of themselves over and over like this. Well, maybe Intel, but even they did it over the course of 2 years (2017 and 2018). These guys did it with 1 game, over a span of less than 2 months. And it might not even be over.

think-man said:
For me it was Dynasty Warriors 9.

Interesting. I'd heard the framerate is awful, anything else that kills it besides the repetitive gameplay that's pretty much a series staple?