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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Which is Your Favourite Valkyria Series Game?


Which is Your Favourite Valkyria Series Game?

Valkyria Chronicles 229 24.60%
Valkyria Chronicles II 21 2.26%
Valkyria Chronicles III 19 2.04%
Valkyria Revolution 11 1.18%
Valkyria Chronicles 4 125 13.43%
Other - I Don't Like the Series 78 8.38%
Other - I Haven't Played Any of Them 448 48.12%

This week's front-page poll follows up on the recent release of Valkyria Chronicles 4. How does it stack up with the other entries? And which will receive the least amount of votes - the poorly-received spin-off Revolution, or the first PSP exclusive that left fans of the first title in the West pretty angry, to put it mildly?


Note we'll be picking up the favourite developer tournament next week, with the semi-finals. I felt like it was time for some poll variety.

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I was going to ask about the developer poll, but then I read op.

Ha. I loved the first one, and it's the only one I've played.

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I've played 1 and 2, and 1 is definitely the better of the two. Going to play VC4 soon, I am sure.

I've only played the first two so far, and of them the first game is much better. The second is still good, but the first is one of my favourite games ever, so it's not really a contest. Maybe the Valkyria Chronicles 4 can get up there when I get to it at some point.

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I'm legit curious how many people on this site played III.

We shall see. I just bought VC4 on Steam. Haven't played any of the others.

Went with VC3. The Nameless are just a bunch of characters that I really enjoyed. They're not the goody two shoes of the VC1, the high school brats of VC2 (and I haven't played VC4 just yet). I like that you're in command of a bunch of military rejects who end up fighting moreso for eachother than for their homeland. Riela and Imca are both by far the best love interests in the series as well.

1st title is a top 5 for me in ps3 era, top 10 games of all time. 2nd entry i played on psp (via vita) and really enjoyed as well, only knock is the experience would have been better on a console. have yet to pick up 4, and never played 3.

Valkyria Revo......ahahahahaha sorry couldn't say it with a straight face. VC1 as of now. I'm not far enough into VC4 to say whether I prefer it to VC1.