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All those PS cards... and yet Smash is holding pretty strong

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Amazon yearly charts update (6 days since last update):

SSBU: 4 (-)
Super Mario Party: 28 (+1)
Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu: 54 (-1)
Pokémon Let's Go Eevee: 75 (-1)
Marvel's Spider-Man: 79 (NEW)
Spyro Reignited Trilogy PS4: 93 (-1)
Kingdom Hearts III: 97 (-1)
Dragon Quest XI: 98 (NEW)
Fallout 76 PS4: 100 (-3)

Dropped out of the Top 100 for now:

Metroid Prime 4: 98 (NEW)
Dark Souls Remastered Switch: 99 (RE)

Preorders have slowed down considerably since the Prime bonus got changed. At least Dragon Quest XI made it just in time for it's release, but I sadly doubt it will be there for long. Spiderman had a much greater opening and is about to tackle both Pokémon Let's Go versions.

Tagging to get on 1st page.

Made a bet with LipeJJ and HylianYoshi that the XB1 will reach 30 million before Wii U reaches 15 million. Loser has to get avatar picked by winner for 6 months (or if I lose, either 6 months avatar control for both Lipe and Hylian, or my patrick avatar comes back forever).



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Spidey doing good

I'm not that confident about Dragon Quest XI sales. Today is its release day and it's barely beating out Super Mario Party pre-orders and can't beat a non-$75 PS Store gift card.

Why on earth is Metroid Prime 4 so far up in the monthly? game won't likely be out for another year.


how long has Spiderman actually been available for this year? up to #79 on yearly chart already