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On yet another bus ride home from work, the shuffle on my music player decided to start playing this song, which some of you might know as the winter-time theme for the FEMC in Persona 3 Portable:

...given that right now it is winter in Finland, and everything is finally a nice pristine white color, this song clicked well with me, and hence I thought of some more cool overworld (and exploration,for games that lack an overworld) themes:

This music defines Lost Odyssey as a game and as a "journey" to me: you can feel the wandering in it.

...A track that defines this huge ordeal and world that Final Fantasy VI presents to you.

...perhaps that is the track that defines one of the shortest, but most epic parts of Chrono Trigger: the Kingdom of Zeal. Something so epic, but at the same time, so damn volatile. One of the high points of the game.

...a Chrono series game again, but in my opinion, one cannot deny the epic, and at the same time, melancholic and lonely feeling this track conveys. Surely one of my top 5.

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I think this conversation begins and ends with "Terra." It's just the perfect overworld theme -- epic, martial, rousing, infectious.

Another I'd recommend that's gone unmentioned is "The Dark World" from A Link to the Past.

My favorite has always been the one from Final Fantasy IV:


Both overworld themes from A Link to the Past are up there as well.

I love "Yearnings of the Wind" from Chrono Trigger

My favourite would probably be the one from Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne

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Blue Fields from FFVIII


Horizon of Light and Shadow from Bravely Default:


Overworld from Terranigma:


World Bowser from Super Mario 3D World:

Gameplay > Graphics

Substance > Style

Art Direction > Realism

I agree on Yearnings of the Wind, On the Beach of Dreams, Terra's theme, FF4's main theme, and The Dark World from ALttP. But I'll add a few:

Crossing those Hills: One of Nobuo Uematsu's most relaxing pieces.


Even Farther: An underrated soundtrack for an underrated game by an underrated composer :(


This one has those "Nope! We're just getting started!" vibes all over it! Which is something it shares with Zelda's "The Dark World" Sent chills down my spine the first time I heard it "YESSS! I DON'T WANT THIS GAME TO END!"


And last but not least, this piece of condensed gorgeousness:

I know it arguably doesn't register as an overworld theme but eh, I couldn't resist..


Other overworld themes I really liked are Final Fantasy 2 and 3's. May as well list all FF overworld themes here

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I would throw Metroid Prime's Tallon Overworld and Okami's Ryoshima Coast as two of my favorite.

Any Final Fantasy or Zelda game deserves a mention but a few have already been brought up so I'll avoid those and pick,

Dragon Quest VIII
Filgaia forever!
Star Ocean forever!
Any overworld theme from Skies of Arcadia is amazing, here is one
The Mana games have great overworld music too
And good old Breath of Fire 3, this just makes me feel great! Some may say it's elevator music, all I can say is I wish I knew an elevator that played this.
There are plenty of other greats like the DKC games, Tales of, Golden Sun, Metroid the list goes on and on and on....

"Tuhtuh-tuhduhduhtuhh. Tuhtuh-tuhduhduhtuhh! Tuhtuhh, tuhduh tuhduhdehduhh, tuhdehduh, tehduhdehduh.. Tuhh.."

Yep. But it's already been mentioned. It's just so memorable.