Forums - Nintendo Discussion - [PoTW] Are You Planning to Buy Nintendo Labo?

Buying Labo?

Yes 506 21.07%
No 1,531 63.74%
Undecided 365 15.20%

The first in the "Poll of the Week" series on VGC! Answer the poll, and feel free to give your thoughts below!


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No. But you know what I WAS deciding to buy? A Monster Hunter PS4 Pro. Out of stock. Fuck this shit.

My daughter will love it, and my nephew is already going bananas.

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Gamers in vgchartz are so adults to play Labo

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As cool and interesting as it may end up being, likely not. Not really interested in doing all those little things.



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Good, we need more polls around here.

@OP, nah of course not. Maybe if I had tons of money, but obviously that's not the case.

So far I'm interested in the robot kit, because robots.

Let's have a champion time!

No... might spend the extra money to psv instead


No, I don't plan on buying Labo. What a nice topic this is going to be though. No sarcasm. Back in the ban days I would have already been banned.

Chinese food for breakfast


Preordered the Robot kit.