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Compare this to May 2017, when the game had sold 4.5 million units (PS3 + PS4 versions combined)


Le Monde's article also reports that the budget for Detroit: Become Human is around €30 million (but doesn't specify whether or not that includes marketing and distribution).

The budget for Heavy Rain was €16 million, €40 million if you include marketing and distribution costs


The budget for Beyond: Two Souls was 20 million (unclear if dev only or dev + marketing, probably dev only)


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considering that games with each new generation of consoles, allow the developer to put more detail in the graphics, animations and gameplay (not always lol). It think the 30M is only for the game.

I'm willing to bet it's dev only for Detroit.

Also, VGC seems a bit too low for Heavy Rain then, 3.36m combined. Even with a 30% digital ratio (and the PS3 digital ratio was lower), that still leaves 1 million on shelves, which is a lot for such an old game.

Interesting stats. Especially the increase in budget over the very recent Beyond Two Souls. Aside from the demo for Heavy Rain, which I really enjoyed, and ended up buying, I haven't played any QD stuff. Of the three, Detroit is the one I'm most eager to play.

-geez. I thought BTS was more recent. I actually forgot it was a PS3 game.

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Considering how good the game looks and ho much time they are working on it, I would say dev only. Never the less great find OP

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Detroit Become Human is the biggest Quantic Dream-Game ever.
And i love the atmosphere and characters in the trailer, cant wait of this masterpiece!

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Seems like a pretty reasonable budget for such a nice looking game.

Those are some nice numbers

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i hope the best for "Detroit Become Human". It's unbelievably nice that developers give so much effort, money and work into the game.

Game of the Year 2020: Ghost of Tsushima, Persona 5 Royal or The Last of Us 2 ?!