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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Nights Of Azure 2 Switch Has Horrible Frame Rate Problems in Portable Mode

I just purchased the game today on the eShop and played it first in portable mode. I couldn't believe how bad the frame rate got within the first ten minutes of the game when you do battle. The more enemies that appeared on screen the worse it got.


Docked mode however seems to run pretty stable for the most part with a few random hiccups here and there. Just an FYI since the big sites don't seem to be reporting much on the game.

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Never understood how people get suckered into buying this game. Is it the semi-yuri presentation? I tried the first one and it was just average at best.

Switch is doomed if it can't even run this game ....

Hmzz then its easy for me to choose the ps4 version :)


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Well, that GPU downclock in handheld mode really hurts - it should be 1.5x, not 2.5x, to maintain easy 1080p to 720p drop in resolution.

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To be fair, this looks like is one of those games that will get heavily discounted in the future. By then, it may have had a decent patch.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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Hardly surprised by this. Imported it for PS4 and it had quite some framerate drops too. NoA2 was completely rushed and you can see that in the inconsistency of the story.

AngryLittleAlchemist said:
Switch is doomed if it can't even run this game ....

it runs just fine in docked mode, just Gust phoned it in when it comes to handheld. I'm hoping they patch it. Most games tend to run better in handheld mode, this is atrocious.

Games are fun.

Yeah, was going to buy on switch but I cant justify it over PC if the port isn't on par.

I think they should take the approach other developers, including Nintendo themselves, are taking and optimize for the portable mode first then build-off of that for docked mode.