Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Breath of the Wild Wii U vs Switch loading time difference, Switch = 13 seconds, Wii U= 29 seconds

Very curious to see the final analysis videos, assuming its not a mess I'm buying it on Wii U.

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Aerys said:
OK i sell m'y WiiU and buy à Switch, 29 s is way too much.

Oh wait, i already sold it, problèm solved.

Oh yeah, 29s is too much for a game that only needs to load once and the rest is open world XD

Considering my first playthrough will most likely end up being on the Wii U, since I couldn't manage to pre-order a Switch so far, what most interest me is how well it performs on the Wii U version. Knowing Nintendo, I'm confident there won't be anything too severe. If it's like the last 3 main entries, WW, TP and SS, I don't think I should worry much.

Seems impressive for an open world. I recall the Witcher 3 and Final Fantasy having issues with long loading times, so it's nice to see this not be an issue for the Wii U/Switch.

Consoles, the mythical place where loading times are still above 5 seconds.

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Jpcc86 said:
29 seconds? Jesus, thats way too much, you could make a sandwich in 29 seconds. You could go take a shower in 29 seconds. You could do all your chores in 29 seconds. You could meet the woman of your dreams, fall in love, start a family, fall into alcoholism, get a divorce and die in a car accident in 29 seconds. I guess thats Nintendo.

lol this made me laugh.

Cartridges have always been faster tbh so no real surprise.

People do know that the game is seamless and that the 29s loading is just when you start the game.

One thing would be more useful though, is to know the loading times for fast travelling.

Zkuq said:
BREAKING! Optical media slower than game cards.

I guess it's nice to know how much the difference is though, but it's not exactly very useful. It's not that bad in either case here.

For the 6x Bluray reader on the PS4, Ps4pro and XB1 the maximum read speed is about 27MB/sec.  The Bluray players on both consoles are primarily used to load games from the media onto the storage device be it 5400rpm HDD (approx 80MB/sec to 110MB/sec  reads - depends on brand), 7200rpm HDD (approx 23% faster than 5400 rpm), Hybrid HDD (approx 80MB/sec to 500MB/sec - for SSD part) and SSD (approx 500MB/sec).

The read speeds given above depend on the brand with write speed 20% to 30% slower.

Unless you have a class 10 high-performance SD card or cartridge you may have a read performance of approx 250MB/sec but you are going to pay for that performance. A cheap SD card may only have performance figures of 25MB/src read with a reasonable class 10 SD card having an average performance of 50MB/sec reads. 

Without knowing the full engineering specifications of the Switch I can't comment on its internal "bus" which could be SATA 2 (300MB/sec) or SATA3 (600MB/sec - PS4pro) but I very much doubt it could be SATA Express (up to 16Gb/sec) or PCIe (up to 32Gb/sec) which is what my desktop PC has and there are better performing motherboards out there as well.

Now that I have probably confused you (sorry about that) lets put things is a more simple perspective.

When you start a game or even an application you will normally get what can be described as advertising which in the case of say Breath of the Wild will be the Nintendo logo as well as some other information such as graphics engine(s) and there are deliberate delays so that the user can see them. On the PS4 you get exactly the same type of advertising (the XBox will be the same) and depending on the game the advertising part may be anything from a minute to a few seconds.

As an example: I have my Linux operating system for my desktop on an SSD. I click on say Google Chrome and I can barely count to one second before it displays on the screen, yet there are applications that can take up to 15 seconds (most are usually less than five seconds) before being displayed because of so-called advertising. On my PS4 its web browser takes about three to five seconds to start.

Of course, loading from a cartridge is to be expected more faster then on disc based media.