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    A Biased Review Reloaded - Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology - The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild in Review One Year Later

    in Nintendo Discussion on 24 March 2017

    onionberry said: Random_Matt said:So how does the weapon system work in Zelda?Isn't there the usual boomerang, catapult, bow etc anymore? those items are there from the beginning, with durability. You don't need to finish a dungeon for a new item, imagine skyrim with zelda items.   RolStoppable said: Slarvax said: No mention of weapon durability?...

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    Are you getting Skyrim for Switch?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 18 February 2017

    Skyrim is an excellent game but it is also an old game which was released for the PC, PS3 and XBox360 in late 2011. For the Switch, it appears you will be paying top price when even the re-release with all DLC  for the PS4 and XBox1 will be so much cheaper. In Australia, the basic game (no release date yet) for the Switch is $99.95 AUD at EB Games ($76.60 USD). If you are willing to look...

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    Breath of the Wild Wii U vs Switch loading time difference, Switch = 13 seconds, Wii U= 29 seconds

    in Nintendo Discussion on 17 January 2017

    Zkuq said:BREAKING! Optical media slower than game cards. I guess it's nice to know how much the difference is though, but it's not exactly very useful. It's not that bad in either case here. For the 6x Bluray reader on the PS4, Ps4pro and XB1 the maximum read speed is about 27MB/sec.  The Bluray players on both consoles are primarily used to load games from the media onto...

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    Wheres my 60 fps ffxv????

    in Sony Discussion on 31 December 2016

    Random_Matt said:How's a tiny CPU bump going to achieve 60 FPS? It may come as a surprise to you but there are quite a few 1080p 60fps games for the PS4 A simple search will also find native 4K 60fps games for the PS4pro. As for the PS4 CPU being tiny? If I compared it to my Skylake Core4 i7 and 16GB of...

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    Nier: Automata Demo PS4 Pro VS PS4 Screenshot Comparison Reveals Massive Aliasing Difference

    in Sony Discussion on 22 December 2016

    Ariakon said: Not really that much of a surprise. I've noticed superior aliasing in a few Pro games, though most of that was likely due to supersampling. This is probably just better AA.    It looks very good on the Pro, though I'd bet it still looks good on the regular ps4 as well, just jaggier.  Just been playing it on the standard PS4 and it really does look...

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    Is Switch's processing power important to you?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 14 December 2016

    CreativeAlternative said:Too much power can lead to dangerous things. Sony is the Trump of the gaming industry. Too powerful and morally despicable to uneducated white males. I want a gaming company to behave morally above others like the Pope and Mormons. With switch they do so by creating a family friendly environment where power comes from superior belief systems and not power that...

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    Cure for CANCER in Blushwood Tree found in Australia

    in General Discussion on 28 November 2016

    snyps said:   Berry purportedly cures cancer. Sorry if it's already been discussed. I don't know much about this, it just sounds amazing. Thoughts?   Well, this news has been known for quite a few months in various newsgroups. I guess it would only be natural to be known in gaming sites eventually. ...

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    Would you rather #2- PS4 Pro/Slim, Xbox One S, or Switch?

    in Gaming Discussion on 22 October 2016

    Ka-pi96 said:Out of those the PS4 Slim. The Pro doesn`t do anything the Slim doesn`t and costs more. I prefer PS games to Xbox (and Nintendo for that matter), so the S is out. And the Switch isn`t confirmed to have achievements yet so that`s out by default. Have you really looked at the PS4pro' specs with regard to the PS4's (includes slim) specs? Cost wise you are looking at a...

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    What is the future of Ultra-High Definition(4k/2160P) blu-ray??

    in Movies Discussion on 19 September 2016

    Soundwave said: The problem with streaming is there are bandwidth issues in North/South America and Europe will streaming top quality 4K content, so physical content is still relevant. Like there's not much point in wanting 4K for better image quality if said quality of video stream is like 4-5 mbps. You may as well just have bought a 1080P TV in that case.  Obviously, if you...

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    Best TV for PS4 Pro?

    in Sony Discussion on 19 September 2016

    Robert_Downey_Jr. said: So I'm shopping around looking for the best TV to pair with my PS4 Pro.  Don't need a ton of screen size but looking for something that will take full advantage.  I've heard that OLED makes a big difference with colors even compared to other HDR and 4k sets.  The 4k and HDR are essential since that's what I'm getting the Pro to see.  The OLED I'm...

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    Souls and Borne ain't games go. You know whats actually difficult?

    in Gaming Discussion on 01 August 2016

    AlfredoTurkey said:Bloodborne isn't 'hard'... it's unfair. When you defeat an enemy or boss, you have defeated them. You earned the XP. To be forced to manually find a save point to keep said XP is the definition of unfair. If the game wasn't an RPG which relied on leveling up (yes, 99% of people need to level up to have a chance in that game), then ok. But since you do, the formula is...

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    When Micro Transactions Attack and you are weak. *My cruel story* / Share yours so i feel less stupid. Plz?

    in Gaming Discussion on 31 July 2016

    Currently playing Neverwinter on my PS4. The game itself is free and the gameplay and graphics are pretty good. It even has a very acceptable character creator although you do need a PS+ account (assume you also need an XBox Live account as well) since it is on-line only. I looked at the PSN with regards to this and there are some DLC packs (they may actually be pretty good value for the money...

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    Why are we still using discs instead of cartridges?

    in Gaming Discussion on 28 May 2016

    Nem said:I confess, i do think they are the future. Disc drives just can't keep up with the rate ofdata transfer and go pretty much unused on the ps4 and x1. Everything gets put in the HDD. I would like to see cartridges make a return, because it would make games perform better.Also, disc drives have always been easy to malfunction/deteriorate. It also results in a cooler and sturdier...

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    Why are we still using discs instead of cartridges?

    in Gaming Discussion on 28 May 2016

    Qwark said:I doubt a card ridge of 64gb is cheaper than a 50gb blu ray. Besides some still use the blu ray function of the PS4, it is still the best way to view hd movies and series. Besides what's wrong with the system the PS4 and Xone use where the game is transferred to your hard drive, works fine by me. You are quite right, do a simple search on 16GB, 32GB and 64GB flash against...

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    Sony and From Software should make "soul" games about Samurai and Steampunk (Koei nailed the Samurai with Nioh)

    in Sony Discussion on 29 April 2016

    Well you could try the Ni-Oh alpha (Samurai with supernatural elements) which is free to download for the PS4 and you can play two huge levels. A word of caution Ni-Oh is just as bloody as Bloodborne and much more gory with arms, legs and head flying off. The controls are also differnt but it is a failry fast paced game (watch your stamina though) although the lock-on part which does work is a...

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    Scalebound Aims to Merge the Best of Action and Action RPG!

    in Microsoft Discussion on 21 April 2016

    crissindahouse said: Still not sure what to think about this game. Sometimes I find it very interesting and sometimes I think it looks dull^^ Actully that was the same feeling i got. While the action parts looked interesting, I definately did not like the voice acting it sort of reminded me of a badly dubbed Anime and I don't mean lip  syncing....

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    Will There Be A PlayStation 5? Sony Is Unsure: 'It's An If'

    in Sony Discussion on 21 April 2016

    vivster said: PS5 is gonna be 2 PS4Ks taped together named ORBIS. Well 8K is due out this year. It will be very interesting to see what hardware will support 8k gaming. Streaming will definately not cut it....

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    Which HDTV is better: 58" 1080p vs 55" (4K x 2k)

    in General Discussion on 15 April 2016

    If you have a PS4 or XB1 console then I would reccommend a TV that has at the very least a 100Hz and preferably higher refresh rate. Yes you will pay a llittle more but if you like fast paced games then you wont regret it. It is pointless comparing a HDTV (1080p) to a UHDTv (4K) unless you are equally comparing brands. sizes and features. Sure screen resolution is important however for gamers...

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    Is upgrading 720p to 1080p worth it?

    in Gaming Discussion on 15 April 2016

    Ganoncrotch said: xl-klaudkil said: A lot harder to collect for here in holland. I do wanne re start final Fantasy 6. And keep playing suikoden 2!   Maybe also star ocean the first departure. If money is an issue at all for you though, you should consider getting some of the slightly upgraded versions of the PS2 games which came a little later, Persona4 on the Vita...

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    Official PS2 Thread - the king of consoles.

    in Gaming Discussion on 04 April 2016

    Sprash said: Ha, got myself a new (used) ps1 and played ff9 for the first time after watching as a kid how my siblings played this game, waiting for ff6 to be in my post today (or so I hope^^). If you have a PS3 it can play all PS1 games and in addition you can use your PS3 to smooth the output although I would be wary of trying to go full screen unless the aspect ratio of FF9 is the...

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