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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Nintendo says the NX is a 'Home gaming system'

I really hope they announce it Nintendo-style. I mean, a silly and fun trailer showing the console capabilities. Why so serious? XD

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Wyrdness said:
shikamaru317 said:
Well this directly contradicts what Eurogamer, Emily Rogers, and Laura Kate Dale are all saying. Hopefully it is a home console with good specs, not some weak tablet hybrid nonsense that doesn't have the specs to get any 3rd party support.

That's because the other rumour is that the are two platforms with one being a HC and the other being a HH, the one due March is the HC and is claimed to have a Gamepad like controller that is more advance. Going by assumption it's possible that those who passed the information on got a glance of the HC and mistook it for a hybrid while some other sources may have come across the HH hence all the conflicting information, that's ofcourse if it's all true.

Yeah, hopefully there is a seperate console and handheld and Eurogamer/Emily Rogers/Laura Kate Dale all saw the handheld but not the console, so they think it's the only NX system. 


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burninmylight said:
Well that's pretty telling. Everyone praying for it not to be a tablet hybrid can unclinch their butts now.

And everyone claiming it was a tablet can show their buts.

Close to Red Dead Redemption 2 reveal trailer. It might loose thunder because of Rockstars big game. Let's see.

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this is why i like nintendo, they're the only ones who make me giddy when a new system is on the horizon. I won't be doing anything at work tommorow at 10am haha

WagnerPaiva said:

Attaboy Nintendo! I think I am falling in love all over again. Those beatings you gave me do not hurt no more.

Man, you must be a fast healer.

I wonder if it'll have 4K?

Not really getting people's response here, the wording here isn't particularly conclusive.
A hybrid can ALSO be a 'home gaming system', just one that has a handheld mode.
At least it sounds like they are putting SOME concrete info out shortly, though.
Although to be seen when technical specs are released, or discovered by others.

I hate waiting...

Ultrashroomz said:
I hate waiting...

I hate, you. because you're faster! ;) lol