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What is your favorite Final Fantasy game?

Final Fantasy III 0 0%
Final Fantasy IV 3 2.13%
Final Fantasy V 4 2.84%
Final Fantasy VI 18 12.77%
Final Fantasy VII 29 20.57%
Final Fantasy VIII 12 8.51%
Final Fantasy IX 25 17.73%
Final Fantasy X 30 21.28%
Final Fantasy XIII 8 5.67%
Other 12 8.51%


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Hopefully FFX wins the poll so they can make a Final Fantasy X-3. A person can dream.

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Done. Weird all that focus on FF XII. The Kingdom Hearts question came out of nowhere, though.

6 I'd say, but I haven't experienced all that many of them.






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I've only played 6, 7, and 9, but I would chose 7 as my favorite right now.

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Don't think I could choose.

6 had great unique characters. 7 had good characters plus materia, weapons, the side quest and general great areas.

10 had good characters, loved the sphere grid, and blitzball was good.
10-2 had ok characters, and switching costumes was fun.
12 real time combat was great, and I loved the gilgamesh fight.
13-1 had fantastic combat. The fights where you were hit with doom and had to win in a short time - fantastic.
13-2 I love the time traveling, and monster collecting.
13-3 one person combat was wonderful. I mean you could actually extinct monsters. Like you could just eradicate all monsters from the game forever.

Even Type-0 had a lot of great parts.

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FF12 and FF6. Between them you get the best combat, gameplay, characters and story.
FF9, FF4 and FF7 would be my second place for similar reasons.

I wonder if people who posted did the survey ;p

Most of the responses are to the poll by the looks of it xD


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I didn't hold back. Really tore in to FF12, made sure to include 15 as well by saying that 12 had the worst battle system in the series, at least until 15 releases. Also made sure to put Lost Odyssey right at the top of my favourite games list. You should have kept Sakaguchi Square, there's been a massive decline in quality for the series since his departure.

Edit: Oh and I love how 12 isn't even an option on the favourite FF game poll, nice work Bazzy