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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What unnancounced game are you hoping gets revealed soon?

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Self-explanatory title :P Could be something that has been hinted, but not been confirmed yet or could be something completely unexpected.

For me, I'm hoping for an announcement that Dark Cloud 3 will begin production after Ni No Kuni 2 comes out or possibly a trailer with some concept art at the very least. Hopefully at Tokyo Game Show? ;)

What is/are your choice/choices?


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Chrono Break

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Advance Wars 3DS Collection. That or Golden Sun 3DS Collection.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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Red Dead 3. The 6 year anniversary of Red Dead Redemption's release is coming up on May 18th, perfect time for R* to announce it. If not on May 18th, definitely at E3.

Dynasty Warriors 9

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Resonance of Fate 2.

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Splatoon 2

Love that game


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Mega Man 11

While not exactly the greatest game or something any console manufacturer/publisher could score major points with during E3.....Shadows of the damned 2! I really liked the first one for some weird reasons.

Yup...RO friggin rocked  
vivster said:
Resonance of Fate 2.

Absolutely. I want to see Shot guns, sniper rifles, and rocket launchers added, because enemies had them.


The New Front Mission SE is working on.

Next Sonic.