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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What unnancounced game are you hoping gets revealed soon?

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A new game in the Secret of Mana series from Squaresoft, not from Square Enix, for it to be perfect I would want Enix to firstly break away and work solo creating the Follow on to Illusions of Time, both to be Vita exclusives of course!

Sorry I need to go and get some tissues...

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Crash Bandicoot!!!

Project x Zone 3.


No mention of an LoD remake?! BraLoD!!!!!!


- Onimusha 5
- Dino Crisis 4
- Rival Schools 3
- Secret of Mana remake
- Chrono Trigger remake
- Final Fantasy VIII & IX remake
- Crisis Core FFVII HD remaster

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Dark Cloud 3! I've been waiting for that game for a decade. They put the first 2 on PSN and I'm taking it as a sign... I hope.


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Alan Wake 2

Modnation Racers 2.

Very unlikely but

new Advance Wars
Final Fantasy Tactics A3

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