Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Project Cars Wii U expectations. Will it be a good port? Will it even come out?

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It will be a good port 81 64.29%
It will be a bad port 16 12.70%
It will be cancelled 29 23.02%

Just curious as to what people expect, given the radio silence on this title.

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I think it will come out. They were blowing Ninty pretty hard a while back. Whether it will be good or not remains to be seen.

Well the Wii U version is listed on the Project CARS website, so I think it will come out eventually. Will it be a good port? Who knows, but I'd say not likely. It's a shame because I'm actually curious about this game seeing as how it's going to be like the only third party Wii U game this year. Oh well

If it doesn't come out, I'll rage. This developer used Nintendo and Wii U focused sites to build hype, playing on the Wii U's limited library since they knew they would be overshadowed by the other racing games on other platforms. It's bad enough that after Namco picked them up they immediately delayed the Wii U version and outright insulted Wii U owners, but if they then didn't release it? That would be a detestable business practice.

And it had better be a good port after all their talk about the Wii U for months and months.

It went from being Nintendo's answer to Forza and Gran Turismo to being delayed on the Wii U and available on everything else.

So no, I have no faith in the Wii U port.

Well, this is new.


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Well, they cited the Wii U version in the latest trailer, so I think it's definitely coming out. However, its quality (regardless of platform) is a mystery right now. I think it will be a good port, since they were focusing on this one so much in the beginning. It could end up like a Rayman Legends situation.

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I wouldn't rule out a Wii U port still, but I would be less surprised if it doesn't happen.

It will come out but I doubt it will be that good


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I'll be a little surprised if it does get cancelled.

Whether it'll be good or bad, I'm not sure.

I think it will for sure come, but I think there will be a major road bump to come over when the game flops on the other 2 systems. That might cause them to cancel the Wii U version. Which is also now going to flop since they decided to put the other version as priority over the Wii U. Which it's popular thought that Namco came in and told them to for get the Wii U version on concentrate on the versions that are coming to consoles that already have racing game(I see this game standing no chance on Xbone, PS4 sales will be ok, but not great). But I still think it will be a good port. But they might rush it I have a feeling since they could fall into pressure of bad sales, and losing money, and fan pressure to stop treating them like crap. I hope they can get Nintendo to help them make a release date in between some of Nintendo big games.


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