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Forums - Gaming Discussion - The official TOTY (Turd of the Year) Awards - Submit your nominations!

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(This thread has officially been approved by Conegamer and his dog)


The year 2014 is coming to an end rapidly, and what a year for gaming it was. It brought many games along with it, good ones, bad ones, a few gems, etc.

Unfortunately, we also weren't spared from a handful of crappy games, well, more like a shovel-ful. (get it? because of shovelware? no?)


So hereby I welcome you to the official TOTY Awards, a little 'competition' that is to determine the turdiest of the turds, the shit among the shits so to speak. (in a non positive way)

This is the first in a series of 3 threads that helps us choose the winner, and today we are specifically looking for your opinion. That's right, YOU actually get to do something.

Enough talk for now, let's get to the interesting part right away, shall we. There's only one thing left to do, and that is to set up some rules:


  • Every user may post 3 games that deserve the title 'TOTY' in their opinion.
  • You have got time until the 20th of December, so you might want to overthink your decision a few times maybe
  • 2 games do already have a fixated place within the competition, these games are Sonic Boom (Wii U) and Rambo: The Video Game, so you might not want to waste your votes on these games.
  • We are looking for 13 more games that will then move on to participate in the final voting game. The 13 games which get mentioned the most often will get a place in said voting game


- We only want to see the really 'bad' games, so if you're an ingrained Nintendo fan and claim The Last of Us to be the TOTY, we won't take it into consideration, unless you make some valid points. (Ah darn it, we won't put TLOU up there anyway)

- This is all just good fun and we don't want this to turn out in a flame war so please be kind to fellow posters and don't call them out for their decisions and opininos.

- Last but not least, don't take it too seriously. This is more or less just a parody of the GOTY awards and is not to be taken to heart. So I appeal to you guys, please don't get grumpy if a game you actually like shows up.


So... now that that's over, there's only one last thing to do: A little shout-out towards Teeqoz, the fellow founder of the TOTY Awards. Thanks man, without you, this crazy event wouldn't ever have come into existance. Hope it turns out the way we've imagined before.

NOW! I officially declare the hunt for the golden turd open! Post away

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I nominate Assassins Creed Unity. Nothing more than that.

Assassins Creed Unity, and I hate to say this, but I thought Dark Souls II was bloody awful. So I nominate that too.


Ugh, came in here to say Rambo, but it's already there

I guess I'll nominate The Letter then.

In terms of games I've actually played from this year I'd have to say Diablo III, but I will need to think on it some more, and whether I feel like I can nominate any game I haven't played.

I'd consider dishonourable mentions for Halo MCC and Driveclub for having unacceptably broken online at launch. I'd also consider Destiny for "worst game everybody played". Dunno who should be considered for the nickel and diming award.

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Yoshi's New Island
Kirby Triple Deluxe

i nominate
Call of Duty Advanced Warfare
Halo Masterchief Collection

Singstar (PS4) - launched with tons of missing features, bugs and glitches

Kinect Sports Rivals (X1) - didn't review well, bombed hard at retail, and was seemingly one of the last if not the very last straw that broke the camel's back in terms of MS dropping Kinect

Ass Creed Unity - Parity comments, bugs, glitches, and Ubisoft's shitty review practices

Mario kart's battle mode : p.

No seriously, this year was awful but I havent played any crappy game so far, so 0 nominations here

Asscreed Unity:
While there have been many indie and movie titles that were shit this year... They are still indie and movie games and they have a legacy of being generally terrible with just a few gems being excellent. This is unacceptable from an AAA developer/publisher on the other hand cause we expect quality from them and Asscreed unity's technical problems were anything but that! Glitches, Frame rate issues, Micro-transactions and even playing the game offline would give u an increase in performance is Highly unacceptable

Grass Simulator:
Da faq

Houkago Custom Time:
Not only does this game run like ass, (30-33fps on a 970 with frequent drops) but its has a lot of clipping issues with clothes and etc. But that all could be forgiven if the girls would actually have sex with me! Its a porn game where you create your own girls and essentially have sex with them, it should be as simple as that but with this game, oh no no no. According to the instructions, if you get the girl's love meter up to over 70% (which takes over 20 minutes to do) and you click the "Unzip" button, it should innate an H scene but instead what the girls seem to do is just say no and and some even run away and its dumb! This is a porn game, and in a porn game, its all about having sex and after trying to do so for many hours, I could not get any of the girls to have sex with me which is just terrible even though the amount of ass kissing I did was off the charts! This is supposed to be a porn game, not a friendzone simulator TeaTime! Making the players do tedious things is not the way to go, specially if by the end of it, they will get friendzoned by the ai!


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