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Forums - Sony Discussion - I'm starting to fear that The Order 1886 is going to be the PS4s Ryse

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So if you've read some of my posts then you might know that I really want this game to be good and to succeed, I love setting, atmosphere and of course graphics of the game, but I just can't ignore how the gameplay demoes and previews for the game just have not been very good.

What we've seen/heard from critics about the game until now can mostly be summarized to:

Great graphics

Linear and dull gameplay

And this very heavily reminds me of Ryse, even the fact that many PS fans (including me very often) are defending the game, is very comparable to Ryse and the Xbox fans.

I still of course hope that there is going to come the one demo that changes everyones mind and that the final game turns out good but right now I'm afraid that won't be the case.


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Of course it will. It's a "cinematic" corridor 3rd person shooter. I don't expect great things but it's exclusive.... so that's something.

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Honestly I believe that this game will be better then Ryse. (Even though the graphics there also were awesome)

It probably will be just as linear as Uncharted. Wich would not have to be any problem if the gameplay is awesome.

Guess time will tell. Cause when i see the gameplay it does seem a bit slow paced, wich could be a wrecker to the gameplace.

I sure am looking forward to this game

Sounds plausible and it makes me happy to see that Sony has moved on to copy Microsoft games instead of Nintendo games.

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I wouldn't worry too much. It's been getting a lot of positive gameplay impressions in the Gaf thread. It even managed to win a Best of E3 award from Polygon of all places. 

Here's one of the impressions from the thread:

Do showfloor impressions go here?

The game is definitely pretty cool. The shooting is solid, although the part I played isn't traditional shooting, as I will further divulge.

First, the showfloor demo is the same as that short video they shown a couple weeks back. I even asked them why did they show such a short video, and the guy said they were told to have that sort of length even thought they had way more to show.

Anyway, I'll only talk about the gun as the level I was playing was still pretty brief (I heard it took people 15mins to beat it even though it took me like 3 minutes). The gun was pretty damn cool. So you go and try to shoot the enemies, but it doesn't kill them. What the gun is supposed to be is like a molotov cocktail rifle. It fires rounds that creates a phosphorous cloud, and then you shoot a secondary fire to ignite it. So I spray the general area of the enemy, ignite it, then I continue shooting to make sure they completely burn to death.

I think what's drawing me into this game is all the fancy tech that seems futuristic, yet is Victorian style.

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It'll be better than Ryse. Since when did we care about gameplay this gen? We play graphics these days bro.


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I am actually more looking forward to the story and the cinematic experience than for the shooting itself. There will always be plenty of first and third person shooters to play.
From what I've seen so far, it's going to deliver on those two points. I really loved Beyond Two Souls even with very limited, point-and-click gameplay, because I enjoyed the story and the rest of the content.

Right now, the only thing that will turn me off from buying this game is if it turns out to be short. I expect at least 20 hours of content.

Wasn't Ryze 100% supported by Kinect?

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Yes, it will be PS4´s Ryse.

Unimpressive, bog standard gamplay married to stunning visuals. Thats not my type of game, but If people enjoy them...more power to them.

impressions of people playing the game seem to be good. after seeing gameplay i am not too worried.